Budget Travel Advice Every Mom Should Know by Fiona Moriarty

If you want the best prices on rentals cars, flights, cruises, or hotel rooms, you need to be savvy when it comes to traveling. Here are a handful of budget travel tips that everyone who’s planning a trip should know.

1. There’s a hotel in your price range. Whether you’re looking for hotels in Rome or you’re going somewhere less popular, it’s possible to score a great price on a room. Don’t book the first low-cost room you find. Make sure the hotel is close to where you’ll be visiting during the day, too. Then, call the hotel to ask if they can offer a lower price or price-match a budget website’s price.

2. Purchase airline tickets around eight weeks before your trip. By booking on a Tuesday, you’re bound to get the best price available. Also, stay in touch with your preferred airline on social media. They’ll often post about special offers on their social media accounts, even if it’s not on their website.

3. Get your rental car first thing. By being the first person to show up, you could get a great upgrade without having to spend any extra money. Early in the morning, a lot of customers may have not yet returned their cars, which leaves limited options.

4. If you’re traveling to a major city, opt for public transportation instead of renting a car. It can be madness to try to find your way around a new city while worrying about wild traffic. You’ll get places much faster if you hop on a subway or bus, or even hail a cab.

5. A lot of museums can be accessed for free, regardless of their normal admission price or “suggested” donation. Even the more popular museums have free visiting hours. If you’re an art history buff, you may want to schedule your itinerary around these freebie access time frames. If you’re visiting just five museums, you could save more than $50.

6. National parks and state parks are both gorgeous and affordable. For under $20, you and your car load can get into the park to hike, swim, picnic, fish, and bike ride the day away.

7. Pack lightly. From the money you could shell out to replace lost luggage to the extra fee you’ll be charged if your bag is too heavy, there are a bunch of reasons why traveling with just a carryon is ideal.

8. Tell everyone about a special occasion you’re celebrating. If it’s your birthday or honeymoon, you could get VIP treatment wherever you go.

9. Wondering if you can get a better price on an airline ticket, a bigger hotel room, or a sample of something off a menu? Just ask! A lot of travel vendors are happy to go the extra mile if it means securing a happy customer. Satisfied guests are ones who return and who spread around the news of their wonderful treatment. Quality companies know that giving a little is well worth what they get in return.

With the right planning and great budget-friendly finds, you can save money even while traveling to the most popular and most expensive locales.


This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, a travel website that offers customers a fast and easy way to find the best travel deals.

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