Busying a 10 Year Old Techie by Robin Gorman Newman

My son, our bird , and his Mac.

My son, our bird , and his Mac.

My fifth grade son had a snow day this week, and he was delighted.  In addition to helping my husband shovel and use the new snow blower, he saw it as an opportunity to play on his laptop all day.  It was frigid out, and neither he, nor I, were up to building a snowman or engaging in other outdoor activities.

I told him that it was not acceptable to be doing Roblox or Minecraft on his computer nonstop, once homework was done, and he replied, “what else am I gonna do?”

I replied, “what do you friends do?  They don’t all have computers or obsess about computer games.

He had no clue….nor did I.

When he was younger, he loved LEGO building….we still have baskets brimming of red, blue, yellow, green and white assorted pieces. 

He has a collection of firetrucks and other emergency vehicles, and he used to play with them for hours, staging elaborate rescue scenes in my hallway.

He and I have, in the past, cooked and baked together.   We’ve had fun peeling carrots, potatoes, etc. and chopping up kale.  But, I didn’t have ingredients in the house this time.

He likes to draw, but only when the mood strikes him, and if I suggest it, he’s not up to the task.

He reads only when he has to for school….unfortunately.  And, he’s not into word games or puzzles.

He’s never been a board or card game kid….occasionally he’ll go for a game of Uno. 

So…moms….and dads….I ask, how do you help engage or what do you suggest to a mom with a 10 year old boy for indoor busyness in snowy winter?

Thanks….welcome your ideas!

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