Buying Your Son a Present Before a Holiday: Top Tips

Purchasing the right present for your son before a holiday can be a wonderful prelude to the joys and excitement that the time away promises. It’s not just about finding something that he’ll enjoy, but also about enhancing the overall holiday experience. Here are some top tips to ensure that the present you pick hits the right note and adds to the holiday cheer.

Understand His Current Interests

It’s never easy to buy your children presents. After all, with their interests changing so often, how can you be sure they’ll love what you’ll buy? The best presents for a boy are often those that reflect what he is currently passionate about. If he’s going through a phase where dinosaurs are his world, then something related to palaeontology, like a dinosaur model kit, could be ideal. If he’s into a certain sport, equipment or merchandise associated with that could be perfect. The gift should be timely, tapping into his present interests, rather than those he’s outgrown.


Consider the Journey

When you’re travelling, keeping kids occupied can be a challenge. Gifts that are travel-friendly can keep your son entertained and make the journey more pleasant for everyone. Consider portable games, a new book series, or a travel journal where he can document his holiday adventures. Electronics like tablets loaded with games and movies can also be a lifesaver during long trips. Just remember to pack the chargers!

Enhance the Holiday Experience

Choose a present that complements the holiday destination. If you’re heading to the beach, consider a snorkelling set or a sandcastle toolkit. For a mountain retreat, perhaps a pair of binoculars for bird watching or a nature exploration kit. This not only adds excitement to the holiday itself but also ensures the gift is used and appreciated in context.

Promote Learning and Exploration

A holiday is a fantastic opportunity for your son to learn and explore new environments. Gifts that encourage this, such as a language learning app for a foreign trip or a star chart for a camping trip, can enrich his experience. They also provide a wonderful way for him to develop new skills in a fun and relaxed setting.

Opt for Longevity

It’s tempting to buy something that your son wants right at this moment, but considering a gift’s longevity will ensure it’s not just a one-hit-wonder. A present that continues to bring joy well after the holiday has ended will provide better value for money and will be a continual reminder of the good times had on the trip.

Encourage Activity

Active presents such as a new football, a frisbee, or a set of rackets and a ball can be excellent for holidays. They not only promote physical activity but can also be a great way for your son to socialise with other children while away. Such gifts encourage him to unplug from digital devices and enjoy the outdoors.

Make It Personal

Personalising a gift can make it extra special. For instance, a personalised travel accessory, like a luggage tag or a passport holder, can be both practical and thoughtful. It shows you’ve put thought into the gift, and it’s something that your son can treasure as a keepsake from the holiday.

Plan for Quiet Time

Holidays can be full of adventure, but there will be quiet times too. Presents that can be enjoyed in the calm moments, such as puzzle books, drawing supplies, or a new reading book, will ensure that your son has something to engage with during downtime.

Involve Him in the Choice

Sometimes, involving your son in the decision-making process can be beneficial. It might reduce the surprise element but will increase the likelihood that he will truly value the gift. This can be particularly useful with older children who have developed more specific tastes.

Sustainability Matters

With an increased focus on sustainability, choosing eco-friendly gifts is more important than ever. Look for items that have minimal environmental impact, like those made from recycled materials or which promote an eco-conscious lifestyle, such as a reusable water bottle.