Catch Me! Show Review by Gina Schlagel

catchmeLooking for something fun, entertaining and unique to do with the kids over Spring Break? How about an off-Broadway show the whole family can enjoy? The new family-friendly theatrical production, “Catch Me! (Attape-moi)” at The New Victory Theater fits the bill, and is guaranteed to entertain all ages with high-flying fun. It is performed by Flip FabriQue, a troupe from Quebec City, Canada, whose members have performed with Cirque du Soleil and elsewhere. 

I took my 8-year old daughter Gianna to see the show, and we had such a great time! From the opening scene’s simulated thunder and lightning effects, we knew we were in for something special (though not exactly sure what)….which is precisely the thrill of Catch Me! The athletic cirque troupe of six talented, young performers continually surprised us – with impressive feats ranging from acrobatics, to juggling, to something called “trampowall” (trampoline-jumping while landing on a wall!) – interspersed with acting, singing, guitar-playing and comedy. There was almost no style of theatrical performance this versatile troupe didn’t touch on. I keep thinking of the countless hours they must have practiced to get these moves just perfect – at times they were on each other’s shoulders, three people high, or performing insanely complicated acrobatics while swinging high over the stage, all coordinated with diligent and precise choreography. (I was worried when I saw there was no safety net – the Mom in me, always worrying!) I also couldn’t help wondering how the heck they were getting into these positions while wearing khakis (cinched with leather belts, no less!)… as I sat watching from my comfy seat in my stretch jeggings.. but I digress.

Gianna’s favorite part of the show was an act called “Sleeping Bags.” The performers each dove into a sleeping bag and started dancing and running around the stage, bumping into each other and doing really funny stuff. The entire audience was screaming with laughter, particularly the younger kids. Other acts with titles like, “Guitar Juggling,” “Yo-Yo,” “Bouncing Balls” and “Hula Hoop” were equally entertaining, showcasing the troupe’s individual acrobatic expertise as well as group collaborations.

My favorite act, “Big Red Ball,” was set to Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana,” and captured the feel of a tropical party, as the troupe playfully showcased their dance and acrobatic talents. Other numbers, like “Banquine” and “Aerial Straps” were slower, fluid, and sentimental, yet still family-friendly.

The 75-minute performance drew us in and entertained us so well that it felt like it was only about half that long. Gianna said, “The show felt soooo short! Because I really wanted more!” Here is Gianna’s complete list of notes of what she liked best: “booster seats, clean bathrooms, nice scenery, hilarious!, “love moments and other things like that”, amazing! I was so eager to find out what’s next!”

The show is sure to impress your budding athlete, gymnast, dancer, acrobat, hula-hooper, juggler, musician or comedian. What’s really nice is that the New Victory Theater caters to families with small children, with some special amenities like free lockers for coats and stuff, places to stash your stroller, free activities and games like hula-hooping and juggling to enjoy pre-show while you wait, a small snack bar and even a toddler area with small tables and puzzles. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating, and ticket prices are very affordable.

The New Victory Theater is located at 209 West 42nd Street in NYC.  Tickets for Catch Me! (Attrape-moi) are $10, $13, $18 or $25 for theater members, with full price tickets starting at $15. Tickets can be purchased by phone at (646) 223-3010 or  The show runs through April 19th.  April 10th, they are presenting a special autism-friendly performance.


Gina Schlagel is a guest blogger for An entertainment marketer turned healthcare marketer, she enjoys sharing the excitement of live performances and writing about it with her daughter, Gianna.

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