Children That are Sexually Molested, Suffer from PTSD by Lori j Loesch

         Childhood Sexual Abuse, Molestation:  In Light of Josh Duggars’ Truth Being Told    


You see, when a child is molested, sexually, the damage reaches far deeper than the surface of the child’s face.  It goes into her heart.  She holds it, captive there, tighter tighter the grip it has on her heart.  Pain, fear, shame, all grip her heart, not allowing that child to bloom into the beautiful flower she was purposed for.  She will live that hard pain, until she finds strength to do what she needs to do, to free herself.  She is her own destiny.

She realizes that God is the owner of everything.  If He hands her the key to creative freedom, then it is hers for the having!  Praise God!  God is asking her to be as brave a girl, as she has ever had to be.  Isn’t she finished yet?  Shouldn’t by now, she be done, already?  No, in all seriousness, she may never be finished.  Finding her voice, her vision, after having been stomped down for so long, will always feel like an upward battle, an upward climb.  

There are so many hidden feelings and thoughts deep in her mind.  Thoughts that she doesn’t even realize are not healthy.  Thoughts and ideas that are so deeply rooted in her abusive upbringing, abusive childhood, ( if it can be called a childhood ), that they are a part of her.  She cannot differentiate between the two.  The two are one, they made the whole.  

As she gains wisdom, she recognizes the unhealthy thoughts running through her head.  Where did they come from, to whom do they belong?  They belong to a wrath of people, responsible for the prison that kept her.  The prison in her mind, that no one understands or has seen, in her time, for she has kept it a secret.  A deep, dark, all consuming, secret fire, that burns her desire to live, from the inside, out. 

When you suffer PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), it’s like having your finger on the trigger of a gun.  You never know what will “trigger” it, a sound, a sight, a smell, a place, a hateful word, you just never know, and once it is set off, there’s no turning it off.  It disrupts your moment, your day, your life. 

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