Choke me in the shallow water before I get too deep… Too late. by Pamela Francis

My family of four is in the drafting stages of our own Purpose and Mission statements. I don’t remember what triggered me wanting to embark on this project with them, but one day I was sitting in the car with Daddy and saying, “Our family needs a Mission Statement”, which quickly led to the question: “What’s our family’s purpose?” and therefore gave way to “We need a Purpose statement, too.”

My old personal mission statement, cleverly acronymed into LAAF (pronounced laugh), was a promise and intent to always stay

1. Leisurely (meaning never so much in a hurry about anything that I lose the simple joy of living

2. Available (to my family, friends and loved ones)

3. Abundant (having more than enough of the good things in life), and

4. Free (never being enslaved by any choice I make)

That was me. Leisurely, Available, Abundant and Free. I’ve actually quit jobs and moved my entire family back and forth across the country to stay true to this. Has it ever failed me…? Well… I don’t know.  It may have; here and there. But I think we’re all the better having experienced the things my personal manifesto has brought (down on) us throughout the years.

Along the way, the already simple enough LAAF, got simplified even more into “I intend to be smiling more than not” as a mission statement.

And just this past week I heard myself utter the prayer, “oh may I always play in the sunshine.”

Clearly my mission is unwavering in its simplistic pursuit of joy.  But where does that leave the Purpose statement then…? Can one have purpose if one is so hellbent on feeling groovy?

Callers…, call in.  A family of four’s Mission and Purpose statements hang in the balance.

; )

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  1. 2 Responses to “Choke me in the shallow water before I get too deep… Too late. by Pamela Francis”

  2. This is food for thought. I have never thought to have a family mission statement–a theme song–yes, but mission statement, no. (Although I don’t think we really came up with the theme song, either.) I LOVE your blogs–keep them coming. And I will have to try to institute more LAAF in my life, too.

    By Andrea Felcone on Oct 21, 2018

  3. Wishing you much LAAFter, Andrea!

    By Pamela on Nov 28, 2018