Circus Vazquez: Review by Amy Wall Lerman

There may not be anything more quaint or old-fashioned than taking your family to the circus on a sunny, autumn, Sunday afternoon.  Just seeing the big, blue, spikey-roofed tent in the middle of the local mall parking lot brought back memories of childhood.  Granted, even as a kid I wasn’t a big circus fan because I didn’t like seeing caged animals brought into a ring and forced to do tricks at whip-snap.  And if you feel the same way…rest assured, there are no animals at Circus Vazquez…not even a horse or a yappy poodle.  This circus is all about people doing spectacular stunts that my aching joints couldn’t imagine doing even when I was young and relatively spry.  From swinging on a flying trapeze upside down and mind-boggling juggling acts to twists, turns and jumps that these young performers accomplish with expertise and beauty – making it all look so easy – except maybe the unicycle ride on a multi-stacked cycle that was probably equivalent to the height of a New York City 3-floor walk-up.  Even that performer looked a little nervous.

Circus Vazquez has been around since 1969, started by the Vazquez family in Mexico City.  It is what it says it is, a family run circus with generations of Vasquez family members still taking to the ring.  Originally performed entirely in Spanish, the circus is now presented in English opening more doors to the public.  Ringmaster, Memo Vazquez, is a third-generation performer, who draws the audience in with his jovial and welcoming presence, presides over the performances and I took particular note of him during the “Busy Bee” act, which had the clowning comic relief spitting water and “vodka” at each other.  While visions of Covid-19 molecules floated through my traumatized head, the audience roared with laughter during this part of the show.

What I also noted is that this is not just a Mexican-based show.  The acts here were a tribute to international acrobats from all over the world including Mongolia, Ukraine, India, Peru and Chile.  They honored each nationality in the ring with music and a light show that reflected each nation.  And that brings me to the band, they were absolutely wonderful and added life to the show that had kids dancing in the aisles.

Circus Vazquez is running in New York and New Jersey on the following dates at the following times:

Weekdays at 7:30 pm; Saturdays & Sundays at 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm


(Sept. 8 – 25) Paramus, NJ Garden State Plaza, One Garden State Plaza, Paramus NJ

(Sept. 29 – Oct. 9Huntington Station, NY Walt Whitman Shops, 160 Walt Whitman Road, Huntington Station NY

(Oct. 13 – 23) Bay Shore, NY South Shore Mall, 1701 Sunrise Highway, Bay Shore NY

(Oct. 27 – Nov. 13) Woodbridge, NJ Woodbridge Ctr, 250 Woodbridge Ctr Dr, Woodbridge, NJ

(Nov. 17 – Dec. 4) Randall’s Island, NY 10 Central Road

(Dec. 8 – Jan. 7) Queens, NY Citi Field, 41 Seaver Way, Queens, NY

For tickets, visit:

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