City Mom in a Queens World by Vicky Dal Molin

So I am having a I miss NYC week this week. I know that technically Queens qualifies as NYC but in 20 minutes the other day I managed to run more errands than I would have in 3 hours in Queens. There was no driving to 4 different locations, taking children in and out of cars, struggling with them in the cart while they cry out for every strategically placed toy/junkfood/name your kiddy vice in reach. Honestly I understood marketing when I was in university and studying it but those supermarket placement specialists have it DOWN! Perfectly placed Goldfish sitting at the perfect height for my son as he sits in the cart searching for the next activity.

Which makes me ask the question – is there really truth that you’re either a girl of the city vs girl of the ‘burbs? And never the 2 shall meet?

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve managed to partly embraced the life of suburbanville. I now have a SUV, I know what nights they collect recycling and I have a membership at BJs as we now have space to store all those bulk purchases. But I also still drive 4 miles down the road to get a Starbucks and I still miss being in the hub of the city. Where snow days just mean seamlessweb gets some use and by the time you enter the foyer in the morning the snow has been cleared as if it never happened. There’s no 6am shoveling of sidewalks or digging your car out.

And my son seems to LOVE the city. He’s so captivated by the people and the buzz. He doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by the noise or the crowds or noise.

Do you ever get used to life in the suburbs? I guess time will tell.

I find this reaction all kind of interesting though because as much as I miss the city and the ease and convenience I grew up in a relatively small town – and it was a little country. And every memory I have of growing up was pretty awesome. The open air, the space, the being booted outside on the weekends so my mum could clean the house (I didn’t realize it at the time but I LOVE being in our yard watching my son play around discovering new things – and I love spending time sitting out there just enjoying the peace). Being able to jump on my bike and ride to my friends road down the road…. I don’t think I would ever willingly allow my son to do that in this city – Queens or Manhattan.

So how do you reconcile these two different lives – is it possible to get the best of both worlds here in NYC or is that why so many people decide to relocate their families? Or maybe that’s looking at it all wrong – maybe you get to have the best of both worlds here. 20 miles away is one of the most diverse and interesting cities in the world…. And here I have a backyard, an SUV and we recycle! We live on a tree-lined street were the local kids can be heard out playing, riding their bikes or playing basketball with the neighbours, the dad across the road offering to help shovel that snow (I hope my son is so courteous when he’s older).

Or how’s this for a thought – maybe we already have the best of both!

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  1. 2 Responses to “City Mom in a Queens World by Vicky Dal Molin”

  2. I find it interesting that our blogs are much alike. I guess we ( mums ) are the same no matter where we reside. We will do whatever it takes in order to give our children the best out of life. It’s good to know that I’m not alone with struggling over city verses country. I’ll keep looking at the positive side to country living. The mud will be gone in a few months anyway!

    By Lori on Mar 13, 2014

  3. You do, Vicky! I live 30 mins outside of NYC and you get to enjoy everything the city has to offer, while still having a neighborhood your son can play in! It really is the best of both worlds!

    By Cara Meyers on Mar 14, 2014