Crafty Finds and Giveaways for Home and Car – Review by Cara Potapshyn Meyers

 Family Stickers, Family Car Stickers, Family Decals, Family Car Decals offers one of the largest selections of family stickers, family car decals, and stick family stickers. These easy to apply vinyl window family car stickers are available in several themes and sizes or customized to your request. Family car decals are cut from outdoor rated vinyl and will last for several years. Your stick family stickers are easily applied on your vehicle car window or any other flat surface. They can also be removed with ease. Each of our stick people stickers / decals features artwork exclusively found at

Family Stickers gave me the opportunity to try out a couple of their cool products. Our family loves them, as will you!


Family Car Stickers


I have loved these stickers since I first saw them! As my family grew, I couldn’t wait to “capture” us with these stickers. Since our family is now complete, I went ahead and obtained each one of our family members, even our dog! 

This company has so much more to offer than car stickers. They have “Family” t-shirts, totes, accessories and even “Family Decals!” The photo below is a vinyl decal of my dog’s feeding spot. I simply adhered the decal to the cabinet. That was it. It took maybe five minutes. Same with the car stickers. Ridiculously easy to apply. I had put off applying the decals on my car due to a minimum temperature recommendation of 55 degrees. It is still barely 60 degrees here on some days…and it is May! In my home I thought that if I messed up the vinyl decal process, I would be hiding my “creation” forever. Relax. Family Stickers sells a wall prep spray and a vinyl spray remover…just in case your creation is not quite perfect. I’m not so sure about my dog, but my family loves looking at his cute decal every time we enter the room! is giving away a $30 gift card! Send your full name, e-mail address and why you would like to try one of their products to by June 7, 2013. 

But go to their website first to see all of the terrific items to choose from!


Wooden Letters & Wall Letters

Wooden Letters | Vinyl Wall Letters | Wood Letters offers the largest selection available of wooden letters, vinyl wall letters, wood letters, decorative letters, and hanging wall letters either painted or unpainted. These small to large wooden wall alphabet letters, numbers and wooden craft shapes are great for craft projects or as decor in the family, nursery, baby or kids rooms. They also offer family stickers, street signs, stencil letters, craft boards and much more. Each cut out wooden letter, wall letter or wood letter looks great as part of any home decor. Visit the wooden letters photo gallery for decorating ideas.

Here is where I really had some fun! was lovely enough to send me a wooden name board for my son’s room and a butterfly kit to accessorize my own room.

The selection of letter fonts and colors to choose from was incredible. Going with the red accent theme in my son’s room, I chose a one piece, lowercase, wooden name plate. As you can see from the photos, his name came out beautifully! The lowercase letters “fit” the casual style of his room. If you go to the website, you will see a plethora of styles and colors to choose from! You could choose all uppercase letters, a combination, separated letters to hang individually, every font imaginable, and every color imaginable to make the names as unique as the person.



Next, I tried my hand at putting together butterfly kits. I’ve worked with wood crafts before, so I was less intimidated than with the decals. While making dinner, I took some clear glue, stuck on the body. Let it dry. Later, stuck on the wings, which can be adjusted so that they appear more open or closed (I did one of each) and let the whole thing dry overnight. The next day they were on my wall, fluttering above coordinating canvas art of purple flowers. I am hooked on this site. Whether you choose painted, unpainted or are looking for more vinyl letters, this is the site to go to. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!
 is also giving away a $30 gift card! Send your full name, e-mail address and why you would like to try one of their products to by June 7, 2013. 


Happy Crafting!


Note: Thanks to and for providing sample products.  Cara Potapshyn Meyers and assume no liability relative to products reviewed in this blog.

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