Creating a Legacy by Robin Gorman Newman

Kristin Chenoweth (photo by Getty Images)

Though I feel like I have much on my plate these days, I spent a lovely afternoon with a close friend this week attending a very inspiring event in NYC.  Originally we both feared it might be depressing, but didn’t share our concerns with each other, so rather than cancel, we forged ahead, and were grateful we did.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MARTINI sparkling wine, teamed with actress Kristin Chenoweth and The MOMS, to host a “Toast to Survivors” luncheon.

MARTINI believes that fun and philanthropy do not have to be mutually exclusive, and the brand is committed to spreading the word about the need for effective and efficient breast cancer research.  The event celebrated strong and beautiful (inside and out) women and toasted to them with MARTINI Sparkling Rosé. To further support the cause, MARTINI donated $10,000 to Kristin Chenoweth’s charity, Maddie’s Corner, to be allocated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Right Action For Women

The Tony Award-nominated actress took time off to care for her sick mother as she battled breast cancer several years ago.  Thankfully, her mother recovered, and Kristin spoke about the impact the experience had on her life. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, MD, MPH, joined her to share her own personal story and battle with breast cancer.  Dr. Thompson is a practicing Radiation Oncologist and the founder of BFFL Co, Best Friends for Life, a company whose mission is to improve patient experiences.  Additional speakers included survivors Debbi Musen and Dee Dee Ricks, a patient advocate who’s been named among Wall Street’s Most Powerful Women.

Ricks spoke of the importance of creating a legacy, and this struck a chord with me.  I have long been gratified by helping others.  Like my son, it means a great deal to me to live my life in that way, and when I look upon some of my accomplishments, such as the launch of  Motherhood Later….Than Sooner, I know that I have done good.  I receive many emails from moms and dads….and aspiring parents….who are grateful that they found our site/community.  There is strength in numbers, and no one should feel like they are alone in parenting.  As we all know, it’s the hardest job in the world, and we need all the support we can get.

I take pride in being a role model for my son, in that sense. As he continues to mature, I know he’ll cultivate even a greater sense of what mommy does, and I hope he’ll be proud of me.  I’m already proud of him when I hear from other moms the nice things he’s done for their kids, including standing up for them against bullies in school.

As moms we all wear so many hats.  Multi-tasking has become my middle name.  But, at the end of the day, it means a great deal to look back and consider the value of how we spend our time.  Yes, chores need to get done.  And, care-taking, itself, can feel like a full-time job……and sometimes thankless.  But, if we can pause and come up for air, there is a way to prioritize and attempt to make room for other things.  Things that in the grand scheme of things can create a legacy for us.

I want my son to remember me as a mom who loved him and as a woman who did good in the world.

So….I challenge you to take a look at your life.

What would you like to be your legacy?

Have you worked on starting to create that?

If not……don’t wait.

As the breast cancer survivors shared, time waits for no one, and no one knows how much time they have.

You can make a difference.  Not just in the lives of your family and those who know and love you, but even a stranger.





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  1. 2 Responses to “Creating a Legacy by Robin Gorman Newman”

  2. Great post Robin. Thought-provoking and definitely agree! I wanted to go to that lunch and couldn’t make it unfortunately (Hmm…). Let’s definitely coordinate next time!

    By Karen Amster-Young on Oct 19, 2012

  3. I wish I could have gone, too, Robin! It sounded so inspiring! I hope my legacies are the blogs I write each week, and I also hope my son mimics my parenting tactics with his own children someday. And, of course, you are an inspiration to me as well! :)

    By Cara Meyers on Oct 21, 2012