Creative Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love by Jordana Choo

Your children are your world, no matter what age they are. You want to give them the best and plan the most memorable parties over the years that you can come up with, so they may reminisce about them with friends.  Since a child’s mind can change in an instant, how do you plan a party that you know they’ll love?

There are so many ideas out there, where do you even start?

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to think out of the box.  Here’s a list of seven birthday party ideas that might excite your kids and your family.

City-Wide Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt birthday party is not only fantastic for children, but it can also be fun for adults (so don’t forget to include the parents on the invite). You can set up your own scavenger hunt throughout the neighborhood by creating riddles and leaving behind clues. Alternatively, you can hire someone to do the work for you.

Scavenger hunt companies create and tailor city-wide scavenger hunts. When looking for a scavenger hunt company, find the ones that work to make the hunt engaging for your family and your guests. A generic scavenger hunt can be fun, however, it is the ones that make clues and take the party to places that are special for the birthday child that are the companies to watch for.

Theme Party

Consider planning a party with a theme that taps into the interests of your child. The theme could be anything from unicorns to pineapples to superheroes.  Party supply stores sell a wide array of theme decorations, and you might enjoy creating some homemade decorations as well.

Charity Birthday Party

Is your child one who likes to help others and give back to their community? Why not throw a charity birthday party. These not only focus on the child’s birthday, but encourage give back to others in need.

For example, you could ask guests to bring donations instead of gifts. Everything raised could go to a charity that is in line with the interests of your child.  Another thought is to host a craft party in which everything made gets donated to a local shelter.

Sports Birthday Party

If your child loves or plays sports, you could throw a birthday party that focuses on a particular sport. Say that your kid is an avid hockey fan …..Gather the guests at the local rink in winter, or set up a road hockey game in front of your house. This will get his or her friends interacting while playing his or her favorite game.

Glow-in-the-Dark Party

How cool would it be for the guests to walk into a dark room with glow sticks, black lights, and strobe lights? It could be a scene out of their favorite adventure movie. Your kid will surely love the idea of throwing a glow-in-the-dark party.

Have the guests wear white clothing, or as close to white as possible. While clothes have some of the best effects with black lights, glow sticks help to add a pop of color, and they’re fun. The strobe light adds a cool effect to get the kids dancing. You might even have a station set up for glow-in-the-dark face painting.

Movie Party

Is your child a movie lover? You could throw a birthday party in which they binge watch some of their favorite movies. This party idea is ideal for those who have birthdays in the cold winter months.

Turn your living room into a movie theatre by adding in seating around the television. You could even set up an admission stand in which they have to buy movie tickets (with fake money, of course). Encourage the kids to dress up as some of their favorite movie characters. Just make sure you have enough popcorn for everyone.

Glamping Party

Never heard of glamping? It’s glamour and camping mashed together. Instead of roughing it in a tent, glamping has all of the essentials, and then some. .

If the weather is good, pitch tents in the backyard for all of the kids.  If the weather turns cold, you can also move the tents inside. While the party-goers are “camping,” you could have stations set up for a mini spa, games, and decorating cupcakes or the birthday cake.


Don’t let the stress of throwing a birthday party for your child make the occasion feel daunting.  Invite their close friends for parties that are more intimate and special, or invite the whole class if you’re planning something bigger.

Party favors are always fun for younger ages.

And, of course be sure to take loads of photos and videos.  The years go by quickly, and it’s wonderful to capture the happy times and document the special milestones.