Debbie Oberlander

Debbie became a mom at the age of 54.  After a marriage that did not result in children, she waited for “Mr. Right” to (re)appear, until finding the courage to do it on her own.  She was fortunate to have a beautiful, healthy baby boy using IVF.

At the time, Debbie had a general practice as a licensed psychotherapist.  Having experienced both the struggle and joy in arriving at motherhood, she decided to get specialized training and focus on work with individuals and couples pursuing assisted reproduction and single women contemplating motherhood.  Debbie considers it a privilege to accompany her clients on this most meaningful journey.

Debbie is also a credentialed nutritionist with a Master’s degree, and a former schoolteacher.  After tiring of going back to school for advanced degrees, she decided to try stand-up comedy.  Debbie considers that the bravest thing she had ever done, until deciding to have a child on her own.

Her passion for long distance cycling and Israeli folk dance keep her in shape as an active parent at an older age.  She is still working on the antidote for sleep deprivation.