Dina Ramon

Dina’s background includes work as a journalist, freelance writer, healthcare public relations professional and independent public relations consultant.

 As a health reporter for a national news magazine, she developed impactful feature stories and covered a wide range of issues in her weekly column.. She has also written about healthcare technology, nonprofit organizations; and, entertainment, art show, and hotel reviews for an award-winning website directed to professional women in New York and Washington, DC.

 Her previous and current clients include several government agencies, major pharmaceutical firms, global technology companies and independent marketing firms.

Dina has managed public relations initiatives for several high-profile pharmaceutical products including Lipitor, and Accutane. These initiatives included satellite media tours, local market media tours, event / spokesperson management, and press materials development. She has also planned and implemented public relations strategies focused on a variety of disease / treatment categories. 

 Dina is the mother of a 7-year-old girl. Dina, her husband and daughter live in Connecticut. Between home life, time with her daughter, and work, Dina enjoys running, practicing yoga, reading and music.

 Visit http://www.womencentric.net/profiles/dina-ramon/.