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 Charles the Lion Dog


Do you, by chance, remember the adorable “labradoodle” with the crazy haircut in who was mistaken for a lion, and then became famous worldwide? Well he’s back, as the subject of a terrific upcoming children’s book that is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign. I am supporting this cause in the hopes that you will find this worthy of helping to make the fundraising effort successful. 

Charles the Lion Dog became an international sensation earlier this past January when he was mistaken for an actual lion wandering the streets of Norfolk, Virginia. His fun-loving owner had groomed the very furry labrador/poodle mix to leave a longer “mane” and a tufted tail resulting in the uncanny resemblance to a lion. When Charles took an impromptu and unaccompanied stroll one morning along streets near the city zoo, several Norfolk residents couldn’t believe their eyes and quickly dialed 911 to report an escaped lion. Police sorted out this most peculiar case of mistaken identity and everyone had a good laugh. 

The local paper saw the police report and ran the story. It was picked up by the local TV news, which was then picked up by national media. Subsequently, the story was captured on social media and suddenly Charles was an international celebrity with national television appearances on Good Morning America, Today, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper along with nearly a million-and-a-half views on various videos on YouTube. He actually now has more than 56,000 friends on his own Facebook page! There were even reports of Charles showing up on highway billboards in South America.

Ever since his meteoric rise to fame, Charles has become a force for good. He gives freely of his time to visit schools, retirement homes, and Alzheimer groups. He participates in cancer fundraisers and has worked with Operation Smile, a children’s charity that helps treat facial deformities such as cleft palates. But the best is yet to come.

Charles the Lion Dog is about to become a full-color, illustrated children’s book in both hardcover and ebook formats. “Watching Charles interact with children, and they with him, is one of the most rewarding aspects of this wonderful pooch,” explains owner Daniel Painter. “Now we’re going to get a chance to share the story of Charles with kids all around the world.” 



Written by a college dean, illustrated by a multi-award winning artist, and powered by a child’s unfettered imagination, Charles the Lion Dog is free-range make-believe at it’s very best. The book is being funded through Kickstarter, a popular online crowd-funding platform where anyone can support the development of a creative project they like at different levels and get valuable rewards in return. With the Charles the Lion Dog, children’s book supporters can contribute $10 to $15 and get an ebook edition or $25 and get a first-edition, hardcover print version. Supporters can pledge for other great rewards including the chance to send a gift book or donate copies to their local library or children’s hospital.

The campaign goes from now until July 28th so we only have a month to raise the $12,000 needed to publish the book, so time is of the essence. You can see the campaign and check out all the details at:  If there is anyway you could spread the word about this very worthwhile book and give them this link to Kickstarter, should they want to be involved Charles would be forever grateful. The actual book will be coming out later this year and I will be doing a review of it! Please help if you can! I contributed to this Kickstarter as well as one featuring older dogs. This act of altruism is something that really feeds your soul!




Not Your Mother’s Book…On Dogs!

A Collection of Stories from People Like You

by Dahlynn McKowen, Ken McKowen and Kathleene Baker


Who let the dogs out?!

Watch out!The dogs are loose and in rare form in this very funny and endearing anthology about our canine friends. This book is for us dog lovers. While some many think we’re a bit off our rockers—especially them cat people—we don’t give a WOOF! Our fur kids are our babies, our children. They are our trusted companions. They ask for nothing in return. They shower us with their loyalty and love. Inside, you’ll read puppy-dog antics and silly-canine adventures, with a surprise or two thrown in, all of which will make you very happy the dogs are running free on the pages of this wonderful book.

Exactly 59 authors from all over the US, Canada and England contributed original stories that have been published in the newly released book, Not Your Mother’s Book . . . On Dogs, the lead title in the edgy new entertainment series by creators Dahlynn and Ken McKowen will make people everywhere howl with delight in the stories shared about man—and woman’s—best friends. 

I was howling with delight upon reading the stories in this wonderful book! Some of the stories were heartfelt while others made you smile, giggle or truly feel for the dogs and their owners. I enjoyed this book immensely. If you are a dog lover like me, You will want to read this book while enjoying some time at the beach, the pool, or relaxing in your own backyard! This is really a “feel good” kind of book!

Available at your local book seller

List Price: $16.95




Puppy Love DVD


One lost dog. One family found.

When single mom Megan Nolan (Candace Cameron Bure) moves to a new town, she feels guilty for uprooting her ten-year-old daughter Caitlin (Katie Hawkins). Seeing that Caitlin’s only friend is their neighbor Gail’s (Kali Rocha) dog, Megan agrees to adopt a pooch of their own to keep her company.  

Megan instantly regrets her decision when Caitlin becomes smitten with the biggest, sloppiest dog in the shelter, a lovable but unruly pup named Jake.  Just as Jake begins to destroy their new home, a handsome stranger named Ben (Victor Webster) knocks on her door, claiming Jake is his. A professional baseball player, Ben was traveling for a game when Jake ran away under the less-than-watchful eye of his friend Ryles (Jamison Jones) and wound up at a shelter. When Ben sees how Caitlin’s love for Jake almost matches his own, he agrees to share custody with the little girl, despite immediately butting heads with bossy Megan. Will Ben’s puppy play dates keep this proud bachelor on a short leash, or will he soon discover his best friend is leading him straight to love?

Running time: 83 minutes

Retail Price: $14.99


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