Don’t Leave Before the Miracle Happens…by Liimu

When a caterpillar goes into its cocoon, to the naked eye it looks as though nothing is happening. But inside the cocoon, a miracle is occurring. The caterpillar is becoming a beautiful butterfly.

My friends, I have been in a cocoon for the past year. That doesn’t mean that nothing was happening. Quite the contrary. I have been learning so much about what my body needs, reclaiming my athlete mindset, adopting a way of eating that is a lifestyle, rather than a diet, exploring new ways to exercise that feel as much like fun as they do a means to an end.

I have begun replacing my final meal with Shakeology. Not only has this done all the things it claims – reduce cravings, increase my energy, and lead to rapid weight loss, it has helped me to reduce my overall calories for the day.

The butterfly is in progress and ready to make its debut. Don’t miss the miracle. It’s coming soon to a blog near you.

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  1. One Response to “Don’t Leave Before the Miracle Happens…by Liimu”

  2. just like the coal changes into a beautiful diamond …similarly our life also changes ..God gives us problems to make us stronger…he never thinks badly for us as we are his creation….anything can happen…never lose hope.

    By maria munir on Jun 7, 2012