Don’t Let Anyone Tell You No! By:Stacey Honowitz

Rejection they say is part of life. If you are rejected enough, you will get stronger and make things happen. Do we believe that its true, or is it just a saying? Did you ever have an idea and someone told you “are you kidding?that will never work”! Did someone ever stop you from pursuing a dream or a passion because you thought that you would be rejected? I am sure that without outwardly admitting it, many of us have put things on the back burner because of the fear factor. I think that in today’s society we see that the only ones that seem to get ahead are the people that appear in reality tv. We see so many “fake stars” go on to have other ventures because they are on television. Opportunity seems to knock down their door more than the person who for years has studied a certain craft. There are so many “starving artists” who have been waiting for their moment only to be “rejected” because a reality show star is going to take their place. Is this fair, of course not, but that’s what happens. What about the struggling designer who has been slaving away at school and int only to find out that a reality show star now has their own line. It stinks for sure but it is reality. Why do I write about this, what is the purpose? All of us who are mothers “later on” have children that will be subjected to things that we weren’t. They will see that those on tv get alot of advantages.
Its so important for us to teach them that rejection means work. Rejection does not make them any less smart, savvy, or wonderful. Rejection will not make them less of a person. Rejection will not tell them that their hard work isn’t important. Children need to know that they can achieve what they want and we will encourage them. Enough people later on will try to discourage them, so who better than to tell them they are fabulous and will make it. I am not saying that every idea will be the best, or that they will get every job, or lead in the school play that they try out for, but certainly a pat on the back, with a simple “you can do it” will suffice. Courage, self-esteem and being able to handle someone telling you “no” are all part of growing up. My daughter will know my stories of rejection. They told me “why have a baby so late” its going to be very hard”, they told me that my books “will never sell” and I am making some leadway. She knows that I get rejected everyday by various shows, publications etc, and she knows that there is some rejection in my personal life. She will also know that it means to keep going, keep trying, and don’t let anyone’s “no”, make you stop. Its a lesson that is as old as the hills, and as an “older mom” that’s how we sometimes feel!