Dorm Room Goods for College Students: Product Review by Robin Gorman Newman

My son is prepping for college this fall, and knowing he will ultimately be going away, we are giving advanced thought to his dorm life experience.  From sleeping to eating, I want to know he will be in good hands on both ends…..especially with a busy course load and his work as a volunteer firefighter.

So, when we were offered the opportunity to try out some products, we seized the moment….

Headleveler Pillow Getting good sleep is crucial for college students.  HeadLeveler pillows are customized based on size and sleep position to ensure the best night’s sleep. Pillows are hypoallergenic and machine washable. My son has long slept on a foam incline vs. a conventional pillow, and he out of the blue announced that he wanted a new, real pillow.  Enter Headleveler, which quickly became a game changer.  Through their custom online process, they are able to identify the ideal pillow for you, and my son has been grateful to have it and get a sound’s night sleep.  As I mentioned, he is a volunteer firefighter who has been known to go on fire calls all hours of the night, so getting a restorative night’s sleep is particularly vital.

Prices start around $92.


PeachSkinSheets:  Twin XL sheets can be hard to find, and PeachSkinSheets makes the size that fit dorm beds. PeachSkinSheets are made of a high-performance 21st-Century SMART fabric that helps warm sleepers stay cool and cool sleepers stay cozy. (Also available at with prices starting at $65 for colors of the month).  My son opted for the Crimson Red sheet set — his favorite color — and he’s really pleased with the feel.  He’s always been highly sensitive of fabric texture, labels in his clothing, etc., and in the past has gravitated toward jersey or flannel sheets.  This was a change of pace for him, and one that opened his mind to other bedding options.  Glad we found PeachSkinSheets!






ICHIRAN, the world’s leading expert in Tonkotsu ramen has made their ramen more attainable for busy families by offering both delivery and, now, take-home ramen kits. The kit, imported directly from Japan, features three servings of individually packed noodles, a dried broth and original spicy red seasoning. The ramen kits, available on their website, allow you to enjoy their restaurant quality ramen at home.

The Hakata-style homemade thin noodles are made using ICHIRAN’s unique blend of flour, producing the perfect texture to pair with the broth and spicy red sauce. The classic Tonkotsu pork bone broth found at the restaurant can be recreated at home by adding water to the dried broth base. The broth is rich in natural collagen and ICHIRAN is the first ramen company to use Trans Fat free natural oil. The Original Spicy Red Sauce (Hiden no Tare) is ICHIRAN’s greatest secret and only four people have access to the recipe.  If a family is able to take a trip to Manhattan or Brooklyn, both parents and kids can enjoy ICHIRAN thanks to the children’s ramen bowl.

My son is a ramen fanatic, and has fully embraced ICHIRAN.  He enjoyed making it himself, and really like the flavor and consistency.  It surely beats the typical supermarket version that come in a styrofoam cup.  And, since we all enjoy NYC, we hope to one day check out the restaurant itself.


Note: While we were provided product, our opinions are our own.

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