Evolving From The “Me” Into The “Us” Generation by Ali Skylar

A couple of weeks ago when we got hit with 35 inches of snow and then later that week about another 8 inches or so, I was out there with my husband shoveling.  And I was wishing that my hulky 22 year old son, living on his own, was still home able to help us out.

It started me thinking about how ironic it is that when you get older and at a point where you really want and need your kids’ help, they’re not around anymore.  

Now that my kids are young adults in their twenties, they understand that for us “older parents” who had kids in their late thirties, their help is appreciated and necessary (we’re in great shape, but certainly no young spring chickens anymore).

When my kids were teenagers, and I’m sure for many of this generation, they didn’t truly understand the importance of stepping up for the family.  That they are as important as we are to creating a working family home.

In my generation, it wasn’t a question of “yes” or “no” to help out with the mundane tasks of keeping the family home organized and clean.  It was expected and no questions asked.  And honestly, even as a kid I saw how much my parents did and wanted to help out and make it a bit easier for them. 

From what I’ve seen, the current 20-30 year olds were so much more “me” oriented when they were kids then my generation ever was. And if any chores or responsibilities got in the way of their personal stuff, it was a battle of the ages to get them to step up.  

Many times, for us 2 parents working household, it was just easier and less stressful to do it ourselves then to have to “win the battle.” Which in the long run, was a win tainted with energy drains galore – and honestly didn’t feel much like a win.

Why the difference between the generations? I think it’s technology.  From the time this generation is young children, they are incessantly attached to a device that attaches them to their peers.  It’s a never-ending rollercoaster ride of up and down relationships that dominate their every waking moment. 

What kid wants to help out when all their friends on social media are gabbing about Susan dumping Tom, or finding out that Zach is home for weeks recuperating from mono, or where and who to meet for lunch during the school break?

So yesterday, in the 3rd or 4th snowstorm this month (I’m losing count) my son was home and ready to rock and roll.  No questions asked, no complaints, and did a great job getting the snow shoveled a hell of a lot quicker than I can or ever could.  He wanted to help and did an awesome job.

I did notice he had his phone in his pocket, but he never checked it once.  Not once.

So here’s to our kids evolving into the “us” generation and leaving the “me” generation under a deep pile of shoveled snow…:)   




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