FaceTime, Real-Estate By: Lori Loesch

                                                                              The Future is Here             

My son is a Realtor in Central Pennsylvania. He is as tech savvy as anyone I have ever come in contact with, and his knowledge of all things computer related, amaze me, and have saved me, many times! 

His iPhone is attached to him and his car, at all times. In fact the reason, that I concluded for his purchasing “this” new car, had everything to do with it’s technology. It really does park itself.

When he had an opportunity, his first, to use FaceTime in Real-Estate, it surprised me that he said he felt awkward about it. However, as the tour moved on through the next development, and next house, he was feeling self assured.

His client wanted to see four houses by way of FaceTime. She is currently getting her PhD. and works full-time. She hasn’t the resources to spend hours driving, chatting, and looking at properties that she may want to purchase.

I’m surprised it hasn’t been more prevalent in Real-Estate. I asked him if she said things such as, “Could you go back and show me the kitchen cabinets, or the hall closet?” He said, indeed she had,  and by the third house, he was feeling confident and not as awkward as he felt, just thinking about what it would be like. 

I’m surprised this is his first encounter with FaceTime in Real-Estate. His Co Broker/Agent, doesn’t have an iPhone and was grateful that Jules could fill in for her.  I have read Sharon O’donnell’s blog: Face Time Up Close & Personal. She took me back to a place, not so long ago, when we could ‘one day’ make a phone call and see the other person on a screen. Why would we do that? It seemed a far distant, future, technology thingy, that wouldn’t catch on. 

The future is here, and Jules’ Co Broker, is considering buying an iPad, in case Face Time clients are the new Face of Real-Estate.



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  1. 2 Responses to “FaceTime, Real-Estate By: Lori Loesch”

  2. Great question. Jukes is always many steps ahead of us. Great idea. He gets to incorporate his many talents into his job.
    What a genius!

    By Virginia on May 15, 2014

  3. So glad you read it! Woo Hoo! Thanks Virginia, you always have such nice compliments for us! You Rock. i found it funny that he said it felt awkward. He said that when he had to say “ok, I’ll see you at the next house.” I asked if he left her ride in the car with him! ha ha!

    By Lori Loesch on May 15, 2014