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skinueSKINUE, created by Penelope Shihab, CEO/Founder of Columbia Biotech, LLC, is described as an innovative method of skincare that has demonstrated effective results. 

Camel’s milk is one of the key, unique ingredients that soften the skin, keeping it supple, smooth and feeling rejuvenated. Camel’s milk is an emerging ingredient in Australian and European skincare markets.  Who knew?!

According to the company, 91% of participants in a study saw improvements in the reduction of acne-related issues.  All SKINUE products are paraben free.

SKINUE’s skincare line featuring 11 products are available for purchase online at Skinue.net and in-store at Elly’s Boutique, Concannon Plastic Surgery and Spa, World Harvest Foods, and boutique web site 9thElm.com.

Since I’m not acne challenged, I’m not the ideal candidate to rate those products, but the Argan Cream was luscious. Argan oil, extracted from the unique Moraccan Argania Spinosa tree, has been used for centuries by Berber women to protect their skin from the burning North African sun. It is hydrating and nourishing, evens skin tone and provides replenishing moisture for soft, smooth skin.


brushonblockBRUSH ON BLOCK Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen – A mineral-based sunscreen suitable for the entire family with it’s non-irritating, and water resistant properties. Provides Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen with a simple brush-on application, for a fast, convenient and effective way to effortlessly protect skin against the harsh summer sun rays. Formulated with active sunscreen ingredients of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as well as Green Tea Leaf Extract to provide full-coverage and invisible sun protection, while soothing and replenishing exposed skin.  It’s designed for the face neck, arms and hands.

Designed by Susan Posnick, BRUSH ON BLOCK can be worn either under or over make-up or foundation. It is translucent and since it sits on top of the skin’s surface, there is no risk of smudging, running or greasy residue.

BRUSH ON BLOCK is both water and sweat resistant and retains SPF 30 protection after 80 minutes of water activity or sweating.

BRUSH ON BLOCK should be reapplied after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying, or at least every 2 hours.

This product rocks!  It provides translucent protective coverage, and what a great item to carry in your pocketbook or pool/beach bag.  I’m an avid summer swimmer with fair skin so I’m constantly slathering on sunscreen.  This is an easy alternative, and I’m so glad to have it in my summer skin protection arsenal.  My 11 year old son thinks it’s cool as well!


natracure-mittensCaring for the aching pain of arthritis in the hands and feet can be time-consuming and expensive. NatraCure offers an easy, inexpensive, at-home solution that can replace lengthy Paraffin Wax Treatments.

 NatraCure’s arthritis mitts and booties treat mild arthritis through SmartGel heat therapy. Heat the mitts or booties into the microwave, place them on your hands or feet. The products’ silky linings are enriched with 7 botanical oils, ceramides, aloe vera, green tea and willow fragrance.

 The heated gel packs will help to stimulate circulation, treating the affected areas.  Additionally, increased moisture will rejuvenate your skin and improve the look of hands and feet.

 NatraCure also provides soothing relief for stiff joints, inflammation, and strains.  This is such a convenient, comforting, unique product.  I found it relaxing and soothing, and my senior dad  is loving it on his hand!


Livliga_halsa_dinner_buildLivliga offers a complete line of dinnerware, serveware and glassware, developed to subtly guide users in eating well-balanced meals with appropriate serving sizes.

Through a unique philosophy known as VisualQs, Livliga has developed “elegantly intelligent” tools, which allow users to be mindful of their daily food intake. Livliga products feature strategic designs, colors and shapes, which guide individuals into practicing portion control eating.

Livliga also features a line of dinnerware specifically designed for children, Kidliga. The line not only features child-friendly and portion-control plates, bowls and mugs, but also an award winning children’s book entitled, “Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa: The Search for a Balanced Meal.” This product line engages the whole family in an interactive experience because of the visually intuitive design on the children’s dishware, the story and recipes provided in the book, in addition to puzzles and mazes and other recipes available on the website. 

The complete Livliga product line is sold in individual place settings, 16-piece sets for four people, and in sets of four for each person in the suite. The serving bowl and children’s book are also sold individually. Prices range from $17.95 to $198.95. All products can be purchased at LivligaHome.com.

This is such a winning concept!  If you’re like me…I’ve always found it challenging to grasp portion size, and this takes the guesswork out of it.  Plus, if you’re eating with others, no one will ever know.  And, if you’re family is portion-conscious — or needs to be — you can subtly use the attractive plates to help monitor without making it a major discussion.  And, for kids, these (below) are fun and appealing as well.

Livliga_kids_blue_all_stacked_HI RES









I don’t make a habit of featuring books, but these two are my latest summer reads….

STOP THE TORMENTStop the Torment: Conquer Your Relationship with Food by Joyce Lillis 

In Stop the Torment, Joyce Lillis presents an entirely new approach to weigh loss and weight maintenance, offering information, stories and exercises designed to understand the deeper relationship each of us has with food. Once you uncover the long established habits that are at work, you will learn how to conquer your relationship with food.  She addresses how to: Uncover the triggers of what keeps you yo-yo dieting • Stop the “inner food debate” about how much and what to eat • Recognize eating behaviors when on an “emotional merry-go-round” • Digest and metabolize food by learning to trust your body’s physical hunger

It is not a book outlining a specific diet. However, it provides insight into how our relationship with food has contributed to the dieting craze in our country. With over thirty-five years of experience analyzing,rationalizing and challengingher own behavior with food, and now she’s sharing.

You can recognize how food is connected to much more than feeding yourself for nutritional purposes.

Joyce has over 25 years of experience working with numerous Fortune 500 companies in technology and service areas. She became a Certified Master Coach through the Master Coach Program in Sydney, Australia, and started a specialized weight loss consulting business. Joyce attended Raritan Valley College in Somerset, New Jersey She now resides in Corte Madera, California.

I’m finding this book supportive, intriguing and validating.  It’s  refreshing to see a book focus less on a diet plan and more on the emotional and psychological aspect of food and how it fits into our lives.

Visit www.stopthetorment.com


jennymccarthyStirring the Pot by Jenny McCarthy

The View host and New York Times bestselling author Jenny McCarthy is like your favorite friend: honest, open, and oh-so-funny. She also speaks her mind and says what the rest of us are thinking, a characteristic that has won her millions of fans no matter how much she “stirs the pot.” Combining the secrets of her hard-won wisdom, witty observations, revealing notes to herself (including ridiculously wishful wish lists), and tales of both her best and most embarrassing moments, Stirring the Pot is McCarthy’s recipe for getting what you want out of life. From her wacky experiences in show business to her screwball forays into healing “therapies,” from her frontline reporting of single motherhood in midlife to a goofy attempt to reclaim her last name from Joe McCarthy, here are outrageous musings from the roller coaster life of everyone’s favorite professional blonde.

This is a funny, breezy read.  If you’re a fan of Jenny’s tell it like it is, often bawdy style, this is up your alley. I admire Jenny’s spunk and perseverance, and we can all take a cue in terms of her determination to push past life challenges and put out to the universe what we most want to manifest, with the hope that it will be heard. 

Visit http://www.amazon.com/Stirring-Pot-Recipe-Getting-What-ebook/dp/B00GL3PX2U



 Note: Thanks to the featured companies for providing product samples.

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