Fitness DVDs for Every Kind of Mom – Review by Cara Potapshyn Meyers

Here we are at the unofficial start to summer! I know many of our Mom readers are working on getting a little more pool or beach ready! Here are three great DVDs from Acacia that will suit just about every type of Mom!



Stay fit and energized throughout your pregnancy

Staying healthy while you’re pregnant takes more than eating right; it also means keeping fit with exercises specifically designed for pregnancy. Fulfill all your fitness needs safely and effectively with the value-priced collection, Prenatal Workouts. Combining specialized Pilates, kegels, sports conditioning, and true-blue body sculpting with the lengthening and strengthening effects of yoga, these two invigorating programs provide cardio, strength, and yoga to keep exercisers healthy throughout the full span of one’s pregnancy. The DVD set includes the two previously released, best-selling DVDs, Prenatal Fitness Fix with Erin O’Brien and Prenatal Yoga with Desi Bartlett.


Prenatal Fitness Fix Celebrity trainer and certified prenatal exercise specialist Erin O’Brien leads you through two workouts of fat-burning cardio, muscle toning, strength training and tension-relieving stretches. You don’t need any special equipment, just a clear space in your living room. Includes a 40-minute solo workout and a 20-minute partner workout featuring Erin’s husband, actor James Denton (Desperate Housewives).

Prenatal Yoga Yoga is an ideal way to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. Instructor Desi Bartlett offers a flowing and gentle 45-minute practice to help you connect with your changing body, your baby, and your inner calm. Do it throughout your pregnancy to reduce stress and fatigue, strengthen your body, and increase your energy and stamina. Includes an optional Spanish audio track, 10 minutes of additional workouts, and more.

Erin O’Brien has been working as a personal trainer and group exercise specialist for 20 years. She created Prenatal Fitness Fix when she was pregnant with their first child.

Desi Bartlett has been teaching health and wellness for more than 18 years and holds advanced certifications in yoga, personal training, pre & post natal fitness, and group fitness. Her dedication to helping moms stay fit and healthy is reflected in the Prenatal Yoga DVD, which she filmed when she was 6 months pregnant with her first child. 

Available: Now   Price: $24.99     DVD 2-Disc Boxed Set – 2 programs – Approx. 105 min., plus bonus. 


 YOGA TO THE RESCUE: For Pain-Free Back, Neck & Shoulders

with Desireé Rumbaugh

Prevent and relieve pain and stiffness in your back, neck, and shoulders with celebrated yoga instructor Desirée Rumbaugh and the release of the value-priced collection, Yoga to the Rescue: For Pain-Free Back, Neck & Shoulders. Recent studies have shown that a regular yoga practice helps combat chronic pain. These two complete programs feature safe, simple, and effective yoga practices to help you heal yourself. Make aches and pains a thing of the past as you reduce stress, fight fatigue, and release tension throughout your body. The DVD set includes the two previously released, award-winning DVDs, Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain and Yoga to the Rescue for Neck & Shoulders.


Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain Starting with a simple standing pose, Desirée leads you through a series of therapeutic yoga exercises that will improve your posture, ease pressure, relieve tightness, increase circulation, and make you stronger and more flexible.

Yoga to the Rescue for Neck & Shoulders This program includes a 30-minute tutorial and a 30-minute flowing sequence. Desirée breaks down each move to teach the proper alignment and positioning. You can do the poses anywhere for instant relief, or perform the flowing sequence regularly to remain relaxed and pain-free. Includes bonus wrist stretch.

From personal experience, I can attest that yoga is one of the best means to controlling pain in the neck, back and shoulders. I was in an accident many years ago and had chronic pain in these areas which still reoccurs occasionally. One of these occasions was about a week ago. I took out these DVDs and allowed my pain to slowly dissipate as I gently moved through the soothing poses. Desirée is a wonderful instructor with her calm and flowing movements. Once I finished her DVDs, my nagging pain was gone and I was in a more peaceful state of mind. This DVD is a must for anyone who has aching muscles in their back, neck and shoulders. Especially after lugging all those items to and from days spent at the pool or beach!

Celebrated yoga instructor Desirée Rumbaugh believes in the transformative and healing powers of yoga. With more than 20 years of experience practicing and teaching yoga, she now travels the world sharing her passion with students of all ages and skill levels.  

Available: Now                Price: $24.99  

DVD 2-Disc Boxed Set – 2 programs – Approx. 126 min – 16:9 widescreen

Equipment needed: mat, strap or towel, and blankets



First DVD workout from the leader in healthy living;

Features three transformative total-body workouts

Plus recipe booklet and bonus segments with Canyon Ranch’s health experts

This is the first fitness DVD from the award-winning resort and wellness brand, Canyon Ranch: Strong & Sculpted. This amazing DVD features three 20-minute workouts to firm and tone the entire body. For more than 30 years, people have journeyed to Canyon Ranch to enjoy wellness vacations. Now you can bring the Canyon Ranch experience home with these dynamic workouts designed to support life-long health. The DVD includes an invigorating strength training workout, fluid yoga practice, and a powerful core workout to build agility and power while providing a sense of calm and balance, plus a bonus recipe booklet and three bonus segments sharing diet and wellness secrets from the upscale retreat’s health experts and renowned chef. 

Bring the Canyon Ranch experience home with these three 20-minute workouts for total-body transformation designed to work together to firm, tone, and invigorate your entire body. The workouts include a dynamic strength-training segment to build strong bones and long, lean muscle; a fluid, easy-to-follow yoga flow for more body sculpting and to improve balance and flexibility; and a powerful core segment to work the muscles of the abs and hips that are key to a powerful, smoothly functioning physique. With this program, you’ll chisel your muscles, focus your mind, and transform your body!

Workout Options: 

  • Core (20 min. plus 5 min. cool down) with Canyon Ranch fitness instructor Darcy McCue
  • Strength Training (20 min. plus 9 min. cool down) with Canyon Ranch fitness instructor Heather Schmidt
  • Yoga (20 min. plus 5 min. savasana) with Heather Schmidt

Bonus Features: 

  • Take healthy living to a new level with three bonus segments featuring Canyon Ranch integrative health experts.
    • Cooking with Super Foods: How to select and prepare foods that reduce inflammation with Canyon Ranch’s nutrition director and corporate chef (7 min.)
    • Building Lean Muscle: What you need to know about muscle and how to build muscle through exercise with exercise physiologist (3 min.)
    • Healthy Joints: How to protect and strengthen your joints during exercise and in everyday life with integrative medicine expert (4 min.)
    • Booklet with recipes from the renowned chefs of Canyon Ranch 

Who could ask for more from a fitness DVD! A terrific and inspiring workout coupled with bonus segments on healthy eating, protecting your joints, and building lean muscle! After working up a sweat, I cooled down by watching these informative tips for a little under 15 minutes. Great workout, great info! Then time to grab my pool bag and head for a refreshing swim! If I weren’t driving, I would have sworn I was actually at the infamous Canyon Ranch Resort!

Acacia is a leading distributor of original and award-winning yoga, fitness, and wellness DVD programming.  Acacia DVDs are available from select retailers, catalog companies, and direct from Acacia at


Note: Thanks to Acacia Lifestyle for providing sample products.  Cara Potapshyn Meyers and assume no liability relative to products reviewed in this blog.

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