Fitness for Us Moms-Great Advice from an Expert by Dina Ramon

It’s great when you discover someone who can expertly articulate an issue or belief you feel strongly about. When it comes to the importance of fitness for moms over 40 I recently found that person and her name is Megan Antlfinger. Megan has a Masters Degree in Human Performance-Exercise Physiology, worked for eight years as a hospital exercise physiologist, and several more as a fitness business owner. She also had two children after age 40. I saw an article featuring Megan and was inspired by her ‘spot on’ statements about why moms – especially those over 40 – need fitness. She emphasizes that what moms need to do to help themselves really ends up helping others; as we all know helping others is often why moms neglect themselves in the first place. What can motivate us to get on the fitness track and stay there, as hard as it is to get started and keep going? I asked Megan about some issues I think a lot of moms struggle with when it comes to fitness and working out. One being, ‘How can a mom who works full time, wants to spend time with her kids when she gets home, but also needs to tidy up the house and do errands, find time to work out?’ I love her answer and it should be a mantra for every mom, whether she works or not – “Can you afford not to find the time so that you can be as healthy and strong as possible for as long as possible? Yes, as moms we’re all busy and seem to have no trouble scheduling our work activities, our kid’s activities, and all of the other things that happen in our daily lives. But we also need to schedule some fitness time in our calendars because we’re just as important, if not more than all the other things we are taking care of on a daily basis! If you’re not healthy, how can you be the best you can be for all the daily demands placed on you? So…. put yourself first on your to-do list, and don’t feel guilty about it!” Megan recommends that when your children are very young try and fit in time for yourself when they are napping or before they wake up in the morning. Try scheduling a walk or bike ride with your friends or children or husband so that while you are taking care of yourself you are also able to spend time with family and friends. Just scheduling 10 min. increments or less during the day can be beneficial, yet not require so much time all at once if you only have 10-15 minutes here and there. You could also do a video workout at home while your husband watches the kids. If your children are a little older maybe they want to join you in the workout routine. I also asked Megan, ‘How can exercise help minimize the physical challenges and limitations that moms may start to see in their 40s and 50s?’ Her response: “There are definitely physical challenges, or changes that occur both inside and out in midlife. As we age our bodies lose muscle and bone mass, decrease metabolism, and add more body fat, especially in the mid-section. We see graying hair, a few more wrinkles, or other signs of aging. Gravity’s effect seems prevalent in more ways than one. Also, many of us may be pregnant, just had a baby, be peri-menopausal, and some may have reached menopause.These varying hormonal changes definitely affect us physically but we shouldn’t be discouraged by them. Instead, embrace the fact that you’ve lived this long and have so much to offer not only to your children and family, but to the world. There are a number of options for at-home exercise programs. Megan’s recommendations include Joey Atlas of, a fitness professional who has some great workouts that you can do at home, fit in at work, and do while traveling. Another is Holly Rigsby of who has some great tips and programs for getting into shape, especially after you’ve had a baby. I have one to add –, which offers hundreds of exercise routines in pilates, kickboxing, step and more. My takeaway from Megan’s advice is to make the effort, any way you can. It’s an effort that’s worth it for you and for those who care about you. I hope it’s your takeaway, too. For those who are interested learning more about Megan Antlfinger and her business, EvoMerja Business Solutions, visit

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