Five Reasons by Peggy Bogaard-Lapp

My dear and darling husband, who I love greatly and completely, is off on a hunting trip this week. While I will miss him, I am also a bit relieved to have one less person in our small house. Let’s say that there are a few things I love about him. but also welcome the break from:

♦ Going to bed with the light on. Dear husband gets up before the sun, so he is between the sheets at least 30 minutes before I am. That means I’m silently feeling my way along the wall to the bed in the dark, hoping I don’t stub my toe on the bed or run into the clothes hamper. For a few glorious nights, I can feel like I’m in a parade if I want, with all of the bedroom lights on. Downside: the bed is pretty empty without him, and he does add a nice temperature increase on these chilly nights of October.

♦ Eating salad. I don’t really love salad, but in our plan for healthy eating, salads have become one of his often-requested menu items. Plus each meal needs to have meat. Instead, Erica and I will be eating mac ‘n cheese. Homemade style. Several times. On the downside, I have to both cook and clean up the kitchen.

♦ Body noises. I don’t think I need to (definitely don’t want to) give any more detail on that. Um, there is no downside.

♦ Football. Thursday? Sunday? Monday? Not in this house, baby! It’s all chick flicks and re-runs of Full House for the next week. Yes, there will be check-ins with Peyton Manning. No honest Bronco fan could stay away from another win.

♦ The endless planning, check-listing, double check-listing, preparation and anticipation of a hunting trip. He has become even more of a weather junkie, checking the patterns and forecasts for the central Rocky Mountains. My eyes truly glaze over now if you mention anything that begins with hunting, elk, deer, camper, loading, shopping, or Cabela’s. Downside: I will miss him! I love the way his excitement shows in his eyes, and how much hunting reminds him of good times with his dad. 

Don’t get me wrong – I will be very glad to see him pull up in his truck, all dirty and smelly, and several day’s beard on his face. And I know he will have an equally great time without me around.

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