Flowers with My Daughter By: Lori Loesch



I enjoyed buying flowers with my nine year old daughter. I left her go about, looking and picking the flowers that popped in her eyes. I did feel I needed to say that we had a full cart, and they all need planted. We better head for the check-out. She continued to pick-up succulents at the register, as we waited in line. I had a difficult time saying “no”, I love succulents and cacti, and everything flowers. 

We came home from the greenhouse, and I unloaded the car, and Faith played Animal Jam. She planted the  flowers, and she did a great job. I love the way she puts color and flower together. I want her to appreciate the growing process. It’s another thing we can do together. 

Feeling the soil in my hands, felt so new to me. It’s been a long time since I put my hands in the soil. How cool and good the soil felt. I say soil, it’s  not dirt. Dirt has little, nutrients in it, and plants don’t like it much. Soil, on the other hand, is soft, moist, dark, and nutrient rich. 

This spring, I have started the laborious job of building up the soil. Taking clay dirt and making it rich, and dark. I say laborious, because, 18 years, ago, I did just this. I took the clay and made it black, rich soil. In my  mind, I wouldn’t bring myself to work this again. I also believe my physical self had to do with my attitude of not doing it again. However, that seems to be the “theme” of my life…Start from scratch…Go back to start… Begin Again! I should be ok with this, by now. Having a baby at 42 years of age, and 11 years age difference between my youngest and eldest. Yes, I have accepted this challenge and it feels right!

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