Getting Back in the Saddle by Robin Gorman Newman

My father is back in his home after three weeks away, between hospitalization and rehab.  It was an ordeal for him, and for me in terms of managing his care and ultimate return to his house.

I spent weeks interviewing ramp companies, as I wrote about previously, to make his home wheelchair friendly.

Then spent weeks putting the word out about live-in aides, doing interviews, checking references, etc.  It was exhausting and stressful…feeling the weight of my father’s home care on my shoulders as I endeavored to make the right choice about the two women who would meet his health and other needs on a round the clock basis.

Now that we’re in week two of his return, I’m slowly endeavoring to return to my life.  Though I’m still involved, speaking with the aides daily, his primary care physician, Visiting Nurse Service, etc., I’m feeling less pressure and more in control of my time.  I will continue to be there for my father as I always have been, even if it means putting aside, for the moment, the projects I want to pursue, but I’m grateful  he’s settled, comfortable, and I can once again sink my teeth into professional pursuits that mean a lot to me.

This week, I attended the ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop in NYC.  Led by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, Godspell, etc.), it was a treat and huge learning experience.  I’ve been itching to return to working on the Off Broadway musical based on my books, and this was the perfect vehicle to light a fire under me.  It’s not easy summoning up creativity and thinking out of the box when you feel consumed with life responsibility, as I have, with my father.  On top of that, we’ve had meetings at my son’s school and are gearing up for the big ELA exam he will take right after school break in April.  It’s a 90 minute demanding test, and I’m sure it won’t be easy on Seth.  He’s a smart kid but not always the best test taker, and 1.5 hours is a big chunk of time for a 9 year old.

It feels good to get back in the swing of things.  As nurturing women,  we want to be there for our family, but it can take it’s toll on us.  I need to focus on more than that.  It can be a downer, and my work feeds my soul.  I’ve never been quite able to grasp the notion of being a full time stay at home mom with no business pursuits.  It just wouldn’t suit me at all, though I respect those who choose that path.  Performing chore after chore, even when done with love, is enough to drag anyone down….and I’m not part of the “ladies who lunch” or “play tennis” crowd.

I crave the company of people I can learn from.  People generous with their ideas.  People I can share with.  People doing interesting things.

I feel very much in my element at the ASCAP workshop.  To be in the company of talent is a delight, and it reminds me there is more to life than care taking…whether it be an aging parent or a child.

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  2. Robin, I’m glad that your dad is back at his home and you have some time before your son’s major exam. Your honesty in this post was heart-felt. May you continue to appreciate your uniqueness and share your God-given talents!

    By InSeasonMom Cynthia on Apr 1, 2012