Getting Cozy with My New “Husband” in Bed by Robin Gorman Newman

It’s been some frigid cold weather here in NY…..and I’ve found myself yearning to curl up and relax come the weekend, while reading in bed and watching tv…and even working on my laptop.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea around three years ago, and since then, I’ve found I’ve had to work on reframing my attitude toward my bed.  What used to represent my sanctuary, in a sense, has taken on more of a battleground vibe for me, as I struggle and adjust to sleep with a cpap mask.  Some nights I get through with less effort than others…and other nights feel simply painstaking….but I tough it out for my health for the long run.

In my childhood and teenage years, I had a backrest in my bedroom, which later found it’s way to my college dorm room at Hofstra University.

I can picture it to this day…it was light pink corduroy….which lost its firmness over time, and some of the stuffing started to emerge from a busted seam….but it holds a lot of memories.

Back in the day they called them “husbands.”  I never understood why and still don’t.

Recently, I posted on social media about being in the market for a new backrest and asked for opinions.  And, it sparked an interesting dialogue…more than I envisioned.  People started reminiscing about having husbands….joking about the word….and others wanting me to advise them what I buy so they might get one as well.

That said, I was pleased to connect with Linenspa.

I had read about the company on and saw their products got high ratings.

Thanks to them, I am now the proud owner of their Shredded Foam Reading Pillow — Extra Large — and it is making my bed a cozy destination for reading, relaxing, watching tv, etc.  It comes in a navy blue color (only), which was fine, and I’m totally enjoying it.  There is also a smaller size that comes in gray.  The fabric is a polyester velour, and it has a three year warranty.  The extra large size is a bit more weighty, but it’s easy enough to lift thanks to the sewn in handle on top.

It’s somewhat of a wonder to witness it take shape over the course of a couple of days. It is shipped compressed in a box, and expands as you take it out and fluff it up — quite effortlessly.  My son got a kick out of its development.

The back support is excellent, and I love the higher back and longer, thick arms that invite lounging.  Most backrests that you find in stores are much smaller and sometimes understuffed. The Linenspa model is ample and well made.

I was also curious to try out the Wedge Pillow to see how they compare.  This is how it is described….

  • Orthopedic Design Elevates the Head
  • Supportive Foam Positions the Body for Comfort
  • Machine Washable Soft Gray Velour Cover

This foam pillow can be used for reading in bed, or you can sleep on it to position the body and head for help relieving the symptoms of heartburn, sinus issues, or snoring.  You could also prop your feet on it and even use it to support a laptop.

My son has eagerly taken ownership of it, and this past weekend, he spent many an hour on our living room floor, perched comfortably on the pillow, as he played on his computer.

I can tell he has his eyes on my new “husband” as well — so we may just need to get another for him.  But, in the meantime….it’s all mine, and I’m happy to make new memories with it, as I did with my old pink one from years gone by.

Further adding to my desire to design a more inviting bed, I sampled a charmeuse satin pillowcase from Grace Eleyae.

It is sleek and rich looking in burgundy, and feels smooth and cooling on my face and hair.  I ordered it in the full/queen size, and it was a bit on the snugger side for my pillow, but I liked that the fit actually made the pillow feel slightly fuller.

Charmeuse satin is a luxury man-made fabric, created from silk or finely woven polyester (in this case polyester). It is of medium weight, has no fillers such as acetate and/or nylon, and is very easy to wash…and the company says it can help prevent split ends.

It is made in the U.S. and comes in King size as well, in an assortment of colors.  It arrives in a pretty satin pouch, making it lovely as a gift.

The company also makes other satin products including hats, caps, scrunchies.

There’s a lot to be said for making your bed a place of both comfort and self-care, and mine is a work-in-progress.



Note: I was provided with press samples, but my opinions are my own.