Gift Book Roundup for Boy Tweens, Teens and Even Adults by Robin Gorman Newman

If you’re like me, and you have a boy who is “all boy”, or you know others who fit the bill and want to give a book as a gift, consider the following really terrific titles.  They might even inspire your child to read.  Each is beautifully presented and captures the passion of their respective subject, and adults will enjoy as well.  Click on thebook covers for further details or to purchase.americanfire

The American Fire Engine (Quayside Publishing Group) by Hans Halberstadt is a glorious tribute to fire fighters and to the fire apparatus of the last two hundred years, with special emphasis on the classic automotive engines, trucks, and ladder rigs of the twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties.  All the legendary names of yesterday and today–Ahrens-Fox, American LaFrance, Emergency One, Mack, Pirsch, Seagrave, Van Pelt–speed off the pages, sirens screaming in more than 150  stunning color photographs.  Als0 included are vintage advertisements and dozens of original black and white photos.

My son is an aspiring fireman, so this was right up his alley and will become a coffee table book, no doubt, for him in years to come!



wolvesdogs bookThe truth about wolves & dogs: Dispelling the Myths of Dog Training by Toni Shelbourne

This myth-busting book (Quayside Publishing Group) encourages the reader to challenge old traditions and misconceptions about their canine companion, and question the advice given by out of touch dog trainers. It explains that the dominance method of training was in use long before any wolf pack hierarchy studies were carried out, and will help owners throw out old ideas and begin working with their dogs in an atmosphere of trust, love and mutual respect.

While we don’t have a dog, my son yearns for one, and he’s a huge fan of wolves, so he’s loving this title!



modernmiliaryaircraftbkMODERN MILITARY AIRCRAFT – Editor Jim Winchester

This is an informative guide to over 120 of the most important military aircraft since 1945.  Packed with over 2000 color and black and white photographs and artworks, it includes full dimensions, weights, performance and armament for each aircraft.

Unique graphic features show specific features compared to other aircraft of the same type – e.g.. firepower, or range and payload – allowing instant direct comparison.

This book (Quayside Publishing Group) also includes current UK and European fighter aircraft as well as less well known aircraft from around the world.

My son loves to study and draw aircrafts, and he loves to discuss the military, so this book is made for him!


boycraftbookBOYCRAFT by Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks

Boys like making stuff. Actually, boys love making stuff. Not just model boats, paper airplanes, bows and arrows and catapults – although they love that too. Boys like knitting; scarves, hats, spiders and monsters. Boys like sewing – especially if they can use the sewing machine. They like cutting and sticking and gluing and sawing and hammering. However, sometimes people – both boys and their parents – need to be reassured that it’s okay for boys to make things. BoyCraft (Quayside Publishing Group) does exactly that and is packed full of projects to make for and with boys. It is illustrated with a mix of photographs and graphic-style illustrations.  What a treat to find a craft book with boy appeal!






Racecars 1966-1983 (Quayside Publishing Group)

Taken by motor sports photographer Ian Catt, the historic images are an accumulation of twenty years of being at the right place at the right time, capturing the very essence of both Formula 1 and World Championship Sportscar racing during this heady period. Working for a leading sponsor Ian had the chance to capture the cars both in motion on the track, as well as in the pits and paddock, where he could ‘get up close’ to both the cars and drivers.

My son is big time into Ferrari, so he’s quite enthralled by this book!




roboxAction, adventure, and imagination collide in the newest out-of-this-world production from the mind of Mark Rogalski. Full of hidden delights, this kit from Rogalski’s dreamland company of Rocket Novelty includes: 19 pieces to build your very own ROBOX, which stands over 16 inches tall; sticker sheets to personalize your ROBOX; and a 32-page, fully illustrated storybook (Running Press Kids), which tells of an utterly unsatisfied young boy named Renny and his adventures with Rex, his ROBOX. For innovators, explorers, and dreamers, this kit’s full of fun and is attractively packaged.  Super cute and a unique gift!








Note: Thanks to the featured publishers for providing book samples.

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