Gift Ideas for Husbands When They’re Hard to Please

When it comes to choosing gifts, it seems women do it better than men. However, what happens when the person meant to receive the gift is a little hard to please….namely a husband who is a tad fussy?

At first glance, this gift-buying mission might sound like a challenge.

If you are one of many women throwing up their arms, fret not! Whether you are shopping online or in-person, there are many choices. Whatever the occasion, there are awesome gifts for your hubby you might consider.  Check out the following gift ideas:

  1. Pod Coffee Makers

If you have a coffee aficionado in the house, you might want to get your husband a more modern coffee maker. There are capsule machines available that can enhance the coffee drinking experience.

There are a couple of advantages that the contemporary coffee pod makers offer  including:

  • No need to grind the coffee – No need to buy endless bags of coffee.  Your husband also doesn’t need to wait for the beans to grind and turn into smaller parts before the coffee brewing process starts.
  • One pod, one cup – The great thing about pod coffee is that you get the exact serving. When he feeds a pod into the machine, it makes one cup. He no longer has to think about making too much or too little.
  • Consistency – No need to worry about the consistency of the taste and flavor. Each pod has the same accurate measurement, so every time you make a cup, the result is the same as your last one.
  1. Heated Razor

If you want a clean-shaven man, this is your answer. A heated razor is no ordinary razor! If you’re wondering what makes this new type of razor special, it’s a mix of something old and something modern.

A heated razor is a rechargeable shaver that emits heat. The heat coming off the razor resembles the hot shaves that classic barbershops offer. This mechanism also allows the pores to open more and prevent razor burn.

  1. Monthly Craft Beer Subscription

If you have a beer connoisseur at home, this kind of gift will be something that will bring a smile to his face! It’s not everyday that someone gets the chance to receive a beer subscription.

There are a lot of microbreweries producing unique kinds and flavors of beers. With this kind of subscription, it would allow your husband the chance to sample many different types and even share with friends.

Apart from the monthly one, there are other beer subscription services available. Of course, drinking in moderation in always advisable….and it helps to reiterate the potential health benefits that beer brings to the table.

  1. Hot Sauce Gift Box

If your husband is a certified spice lover, then a gift box filled with various types of hot sauces from around the world will surely whet his appetite!

There are hot sauce gift boxes that you can order online. Choose one that offers different levels of spiciness and flavor. Apart from buying a pre-set one, you can create a custom hot sauce gift box of your own!

  1. Ancestry DNA Kit

When you are thinking of a gift for your husband that’s totally out of the box, you might want to consider an Ancestry DNA Kit.

An Ancestry DNA Kit can help uncover more family history and discover and connect him with living relatives he might not have known. It also aids in assessing genetic risks that might impact his health in the future….so he may take preventative, proactive steps, armed with the knowledge.


It’s The Thought That Counts 

Buying a gift for someone who is exceptionally particular can be hard. These gift ideas are just a sampling of options you may consider. It’s ultimately the thought that counts, so try not to sweat it too much.  Knowing that it comes from the heart is the best gift of all.