Going to the Dogs: Part 2 – Review by Cara Potapshyn Meyers

Pets love nothing more than to spend quality time with their owners. Now that summer is here, it is a good time to spend some quality time with your dog! We received quite a few fun products that help pets and their owners make the most of playtime, anytime! Many interactive toys can help promote healthy exercise while allowing you and your pet to enjoy a sunny day outside or some quality time indoors!

Dog Products for Active “Together” Time


Petmate Take Two Leash

Extra daylight allows for extra long walks, and for those walking more than one dog at a time, Petmate’s Take Two! leashes and extensions make dual dog walking a snap! The patented, Y-shaped dual dog leashes and extensions feature a tangle-free swivel joint that takes the frustration out of walking two dogs at once. For added convenience, adjustable leashes and extensions fit dogs of different sizes! This leash would have been perfect when we walked our two dogs. Since we now have only one dog, we modified this leash so that my son can hold onto one side while my husband and I have overall control by holding the other side. This allows our son to feel as if he is walking our dog exclusively! It makes our son quite proud! Take Two! leashes and extensions can be found in specialty pet stores nationwide.



Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowls

With increased playtime and exercise, it’s important to keep dogs nourished and hydrated. Perfect for hikes or trips to the park, Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowls are made of durable, non porous materials that are both PVC and BPA free. The collapsible design folds down for easy storage and transport. Two sizes (1 cup and 3 cup capacity) and three vibrant colors (pink, blue and green) are offered to provide an on-the-go drink for any size dog. We always take a water bottle with us when we walk our dog. Prior to receiving this bowl, we used a wide lid from other water bottles for our dog to drink from. We have been delighted using this wonderful travel bowl! Because it collapses, we can fold it and put it in our pouch. Since it is expandable, we simply open it up, fill the bowl, and let our dog drink to his heart’s content! This bowl allows our dog and us to go a little farther on our walks and stay nicely hydrated! Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowls can be purchased in retail stores nationwide. 


Dogzilla Tug Rope Toy

We also received a couple dog toys for indoor play by Dogzilla. The first is a tug rope toy. This toy has a blue rubber tube in the center with a rope running through it, knotted at each end. My dog loves this toy so much, he swings it around, sweeping the floor with it! When it became too dirty, I tossed it in the washing machine and let it air dry and it was “like new” for my pup to continue playing with! My son even sits on the floor and gently tosses it to our dog who catches it as if they were playing “fetch!” It is a terrific toy for both interactive as well as individual play for your dog.



Dogzilla Rubber Treat Toy

The other Dogzilla toy we received is a rubber chew toy. It has an opening on one end so that treats can be placed inside. The farther down you put the treat, the harder your dog has to work at obtaining it. If your dog is tenacious like mine, he will spend a half hour, if not longer, to get that treat! My dog also enjoys “exercising” his jaws by simply gnawing it. It is also top rack, dishwasher safe as I like to keep my dog’s toys clean. When it comes out of the dishwasher, it smells brand new! Dogzilla products can also be purchased nationwide.


Note: Thanks to the featured companies for providing sample products.  Cara Potapshyn Meyers and MotherhoodLater.com assume no liability relative to products reviewed in this blog.  

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