Greater than the forces: How to keep manifesting, even in strange cosmic times by Pamela Francis

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“Greater than the forces”: How to keep manifesting even as bridges collapse and trains fall off tracks. by pamela francis

It is mercury retrograde season, and after months of an uncharacteristic All Planets Direct, we are here again. The pun is definitely intended. Mercury retrograde is the mother of all “here again”s.

Now, we love it when “here again” comes in the form of an ex we wanted back. But not so much when “here again” comes in the form of the HPV positive we thought we’d licked. We jump up and down with glee when “here again” comes in the form of a beloved item turning up after having been lost. We slump our shoulders when “here again” means another envelope from Mohela to settle that old student loan matter that keeps resurfacing. What to do? Until just a few years ago the average person didn’t even know what a retrograde was. They were still referring to old expressions like “Murphy’s Law” (talk about “retro”!) to describe the demoralizing and, for them, inexplicable occurrences they suffered several times a year. I once dreamed of a day when astrology would be given its rightful place in societal regard: the mother-effin morning news. The weather channel, gosh dee it. Right up there with the meteorologist report. Almost 30 years later, that day has arrived. You know this astrological phenomenon has completely found its way into the lexicon when it’s emblazoned on a trendy hoodie your mother got you for Christmas.

Now for the witches, wizards, sages, shamans, and other alchemists among us, how does one proceed during this slippery time? Do we take a break from manifestation processes under the threat of mucking it all up…? Who of us have not been thoroughly warned NOT to sign any contracts or make any large purchases for the three weeks that Mercury will spin backwards (figuratively)? Now we’re even being warned about the shadow phases that arrive ten days before and linger ten days after the actual retrograde itself! This month, similar to last year around this time, we are faced with, not only a retrograde, but an eclipse. Even the FAA is issuing warnings about what to expect in the way of trying to fly on the 8th of this month.

Last year I was on a cruise to the Bahamas when mercury retrograde and the eclipse converged. Apparently, I made it through. Though I do have some interesting stories to tell about extreme weather…, ships having to return to port less than 24 hours into the trip because someone wanted to jump overboard…, and a harrowing encounter with a pistol-wielding young Bonnie and Clyde at a Waffle House at 2 in the morning on my way back from Miami. Nevertheless, this year some of my tribe members (aforementioned witches, wizards, sages, and shamans) are asking how or if they should proceed…

Here are my 4 recommendations for how to keep manifesting even as bridges collapse and trains run off the tracks.

#1. Take a deep breath and get centered.

One of the other metaphysical practices and esoteric subjects that have made their way into the common parlance is that of meditation and mindfulness. Now, I detest bandwagoneers, but I admit every last one of us can benefit from these becoming social norms. ’Cause, like, before you rush to drink that concoction you just whipped up after Guru of the Month told you to…, you should probably Meditate. Stop, sit down somewhere, close your eyes, and take several deep breaths in stillness and silence. That’s right. Now count your breath. Go ahead. Do it. This is referred to as Grounding and Centering. This practice alone can save your ass during a retrograde, and it is every bit as magical as the magick you’re looking to manifest. Believe me. Witches don’t do anything until they’ve done this first.

#2. Take stock of what you already possess.

If you are manifesting to get something, and as one of my favorite masters of wisdom has often said, “you are not here to GET anything, but to GIVE, and to remain available to all the GOOD that is trying to manifest THROUGH you”, do yourself a favor and start a gratitude journal. More than once I have efforted to acquire something that I either already had coming, and therefore wound up with more than one, and the complexities that come with managing having more than 1 of a thing. Like pianos. Or SUVs. Or…Boyfriends… (yikes!); when I could have just manifested value-appreciation.

Since retrograde is already energetically a time of “going back”…, go back and look at what you’ve got. Get out those old photos of all the great trips you took…, hang out in the garage or attic or office, and see what you’ve accomplished, accumulated, and probably could even stand to get rid of! Decluttering is a FABULOUS use of mercury retrograde. Maybe don’t buy a new car to the tune of thousands of dollars during a retrograde. Maybe get the dusty car you’ve got painted! Or new mats…! Or a fuzzy steering wheel cover…! Go get its tires rotated. Get that dirty thing detailed on the inside. You understand.

#3. Know your astrology

You don’t have to be Sidney Omar, but it is helpful to acquaint yourself with the sun signs and their attributes. I also find it helpful to know a little about the houses. So, for example, if mercury is going retrograde in Aries today, which it is, and you happen to be an Aries (my condolences, by the way. LOL. JK…), you can expect “1st house” issues (self) with communication, technology, and/or travel (mercury). What might this look like? Oh, I don’t know… maybe explosive arguments started by… YOUR self? Perhaps some misunderstandings generated by… YOUR self? Maybe some hurt feelings stemming from… YOUR self? Not to worry. Retrograde is an excellent opportunity to take a look back at YOURself and do some spring cleaning there. Also, you will have ample time to devote to this as you may find YOURself left the f*ck alone for the better part of three weeks, because nothing says pain in the ass like an Aries on a tear seventy-two hours before mercury stations retrograde.

#4. Take a field trip to your local metaphysical supply joint

If you’re itching to be witching, and still want to perform spells and magic during what many may consider a tricky time…

know that you don’t have to sit this interlude out entirely. Several women in a group I

belong to recently voiced their concerns about what they should or shouldn’t do while this season’s retrograde and eclipse are set to go off this first week in April. That’s what prompted me to pen this post: “Greater than the forces”. Witches believe in God, too, you know. We’re all about that Higher Power and have tremendous respect for God Almighty, all beauty, all love, all joy. As I was telling the gals down at the coven, I design personalized affirmation cards, and one that I created years ago for my own use affirms that God is greater than all forces. Such as retrogrades and eclipses. And that I am aligned with God, therefore… you get it. I let the God times roll. So, I encourage practitioners and dabblers alike to visit their local magick shoppe and talk to a witch about it. There are meditations you can still do; there is yes/no work (rather than “make this shit happen” type stuff), and also spells and habits you can use this time to break free from. Yes, ma’am, you can use a retrograde or an eclipse to break a spell! Thank you, God!

As an added bonus, there are some good articles on the subject as well. Take a look at these. Unlike this one (as available on, they’re free. ;-)

Happy toiling!


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