Growing Old Gracefully BY: Lori Loesch


I would like to grow old gracefully.  I don’t want to be a grouchy old woman, complaining, daily, hourly, about, everything.  I want to be graceful, have grace…is that the word I want to use?  Grace? Could it be, Finesse?  Maybe Poise?  They all mean the same, so, yes, this is the me that I want to become.  Much like Maya Angelou.  She had all of the afore mentioned words.  I liked to watch her, and listen to her being interviewed, by Oprah.  Hers is the essence that I want to emulate.  

 I want to know when to stay quiet, and when to say words that help.  I like it when I’m feeling confident, peaceful, at one with the spirit.  I don’t like when I get angry and upset, and handle things in a way that is not indicative to being graceful, poised.   That’s not the me that I want to be.

I feel like a person always under construction, always trying to do better, be a better human.  I want to see the other perspective.  And I usually do, see both sides to every story.  That’s a challenge. Is that being wishy washy?  Or could I say that is being tolerant to both parties in any given situation?  It’s a fine line between everything.  I always take things to the extreme.  Seeing both sides and trying to work through a problem is a good thing.  It is not an easy thing. 

I will look at things in a positive light.  There is a positive to everything.  I have Macular Degeneration.    I have started thinking that I do not need perfect vision to live.  I have the other senses, to pull me through.  It’s easier to be this peaceful, positive person, when I’m outside with nature.  It’s when I am in a new environment, a new grocery store, at a ballet, or graduation, that I need to set myself up to not “freak out” because I need a little time to acclimate my vision. To become familiar with the new surroundings.  

It’s not a death sentence.  It’s, yet another, hurdle to jump over, and keep jumping over, until it becomes second nature to me.  Growing old gracefully…I hope it’s not too much to ask.  

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