Hanukkah..and Holiday Time

We celebrate Hanukkah, and Seth is obsessed with the fact that it’s eight nights.

Now that he is learning numbers and counting in school, he can keep track, and each day after school asks if he’s getting another present.

We did buy a few for him…not big ones….but it’s the idea that he is waiting with baited breath for them that concerns me.

I know he’s just 5, and who wouldn’t want to get presents. But, how much is overkill? And, he got from grandpa, grandma and his cousins. Is it possible for him to even appreciate them all?

Today, we’re actually going to give him a Chia pet. It’s kind-of a quirky present, but I like the idea that it’s not yet another toy. It’s a cool plant that he can be reponsible for.

Yesterday they had a holiday party at his Kindergarten class. It was so cute and heartfelt. You could see the teachers really love the kids and were so joyous about celebrating with them and the parents that attended. It was quite touching.

He’s off from school starting tomorrow, and we have many plans on tap for the school break.

I’m taking him to some kids shows at our local library and have get togethers scheduled with friends, with and without kids. Seth is so psyched about having a vacation, even though we’re not going away. And, I’m glad to be staying home too. As long as the weather holds up, and there’s no more snow in the next week or so, we’ll be good. Seth, of course, loves to play in it, but mommy doesn’t like to drive on icy roads, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Santa won’t bring us a white Christmas. (Sorry to those who are hoping for one.)

I wish you and your family a very happy, healthy holiday season!!