Happy Summer Days By: Lori Loesch

     School’s Out For Summer, and I Couldn’t Feel More Contented!


I have been feeling happy and healthy. There are probably a bunch of reasons why. One;  Changing my mindset about how my vision has changed. Acceptance, and the desire to rise above it. Two;  Chiropractor. I have been seeing a chiropractor since my high school, running days, and then I stopped, about seven years ago. Not a good move on my part. I am active and I lift heavy items everyday. I need to keep my body aligned to heal and work properly. Three;  House Cleaning. Having the “entire” house cleaned in one day, has been a real…should I say…blessing? It has made a huge difference in me and the entire family. I hired a cleaning service, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Four;  Getting back to work! Having a job to go to, everyday. There is nothing like the feeling of waking up, getting out of bed, and going off to a job. Five;  Nutrition. Wow. For me this was a huge WOW! How could I have missed this one? I’ve been eating healthier, and preparing dinner, from scratch, more times in a week. It feels good to be in the kitchen, making healthy food for my family. 

I feel as though I have awakened. I feel alive. All of the above things are the reason I have been feeling so well, so good, so happy. However, the main reason, is my renewed relationship with God. It pains me to say that my relationship with God needed to get better. I needed more time spent in praise to Him. It’s a wonderful feeling I get when I spend time with Him. I smile, I feel the energy, and the room seems a little brighter. 

The hard true fact, is that the past seven years have been tough. Real tough. As of…just a few days ago, we signed the papers, and cut the check, and bought the land, to start a new housing development!!!  My husband, brother in law, and son, develop land, build houses, and make people’s dreams come true. And it feels great! Build America!



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