In Awe of All the Super Women Out There! by Jean Marie Keenan-Johnston

Before Sunday becomes Monday, I wanted to say hi to everyone here and tell you all how much I’ve missed being with you each week! One of the new things to look forward to for the coming summer is that I won’t have school work bogging me down keeping me from the other things I’ve been fighting so hard to get done…like sharing the craziness of life with everyone here!  I enjoy helping my daughter through her virtual lessons, and in some ways I don’t have much choice in the matter since I’m certain, after the winter I’ve had, that I can’t manage getting her off to school on time each and every morning.  And she’s doing GREAT!  Learning lots and getting awesome grades!  It’s definitely the place for her to soar!  But it’s tough when there are already so many things in life you can’t manage because of fibromyalgia and then you have to add such an important responsibility that takes up so much of your time every day.  My health was such an obstacle the past few months that we found ourselves many, many lessons behind.  But hopefully we’ll catch up with that, and I’ll be able to catch up with my blogging, and my house work, and the dozen appointments we needed to reschedule this winter, and I’ll finally get everything purchased that my daughter needs for her dance recital, and…well, you see my point.  It’s just WAY too much to keep up with it all!  Something had to give before I completely burned out.  I’m just sad that it had to come to that because I really wish I could find a way to be one of the Super Women I see out there who seems to be able to manage it all!

Hopefully I’ll be back soon…and often…but if I can’t check in again anytime soon, know that I miss being here and blogging is one of my greatest joys!  I’m so grateful this site gave that to me.