Independence is Overrated… By Liimu

I love my children – they are among my most favorite people in the world to spend time with. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am also among their favorite hang out buds.  My daughter, Devon, had been looking forward to spending a few days with her grandmother and cousin for weeks when she headed down to North Carolina last Saturday. She hadn’t even cleared Virginia before she was on Skype, pitifully counting the days until she’d be home with us again.

Don’t get me wrong – she had a great time, learning to surf, enjoying not one but two fireworks displays, seeing A Chorus Line off off off off Broadway, hitting all the wonderful buffet restaurants the South has to offer. But she loves her sisters and she loves her mom and dad, and she is really looking forward to getting home to us. Here’s the thing, we’re really looking forward to having her home. Her sisters have been crying since she left, even taking her pictures off the wall in the hallway and putting them temporarily on the dresser so they can pretend she’s still here. I’ve been missing how helpful and sweet and loving she is – sometimes I think there isn’t anyone as unusually nurturing and loving as the eldest daughter. Or, at least my eldest daughter.

I know there’s a lot to be said for having children who are naturally independent, getting their own breakfast, flying solo across country, latchkey kids who can babysit their siblings without issue.  That’s not my kids. We’ve got awhile to go until their independent and you know what? I’m not in any hurry. Independence Day will be here soon enough.

Happy 4th everyone!

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