CordaRoy’s is a foam-filled beanbag chair that converts to a bed…..and it’s a great find for a family (and others)!

I saw this on the television show SHARK TANK, and knew I had to try it.  It’s quickly become a source of fun for my son….and a convenience for our family.

When you remove the washable cover of the chair, it becomes a bed…..totally ideal for a sleepover.  This is such a great alternative to sleeping bags (for home use), and my son can’t wait to have friends over to give it a go!  Great for out of town guests as well…and just relaxing.

We have the full size….and it’s cushy and comfortable.  My son has a blast diving onto it and chilling.

It was a bit on the heavy side when it arrived at our door in the box… you’d want to keep that in mind.

CordaRoy’s Chairs are available in Full, Queen, or King sizes. That means a King Chair includes a King Bed!  Also comes in kid sleeper sizes and a pet bed.

You have plenty of patterns and solids to choose from and various types of fabric, with prices ranging range from $129 to $499 — depending on the size and style.

There are also sofas and footstools.  CordaRoy’s Sofas have two foam mattresses inside! Visit

You can purchase a bed protector and extra covers to alternate your style. The company offers a lifetime guarantee. 

  — watch the video!





 Introducing Barefooters®. It’s like a barefoot walking experience with the protection and fashion of a shoe…but they are designed  to feel better than going barefoot. Developed from revolutionary CorksiLite™ material, Barefooters is made with a e environmentally friendly material that combines the best physical properties of cork and silicone so that you can walk naturally, with protection and  comfort.

CorksiLite™ keeps its flexibility, compressive and thermal properties in the coldest or hottest temperatures. With a good pair of socks you’ll be warm in chilly weather or with bare feet you’ll be protected from the hottest pavement. And Barefooters come with Oooaaahs reflex insoles. Called Oooaaahs because that’s how they feel, and reflex, for the reflexology massage that delivers relief and comfort with every step.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday shoe to walk around in, want relief for your aching feet, or a recovery shoe for after your workout, these are worth a try.  Barefooters are made in Italy.

When I first received these, I must admit, I was skeptical.  But, they do feel quite comfortable, and I wear them regularly around the house.   They are easy to get on ‘n off and have become a welcome alternative to my clog sneakers.  I’ve yet to venture out with them….but will give that a go one day.

They come in an assortment of fun colors….and are available for men and women.  Priced around $99.



Note: Thanks to the featured companies for providing product samples.

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