Innovative Discoveries: Products for Moms & Kids by Robin Gorman Newman


AMBI, powered by Blu●TEC™, the first-ever portable, personal cooling device, works like an electronic ice cube to instantly deliver mess-free, cool, soothing relief from hot flashes and migraine symptoms, as well as insect bites, bumps and bruises, at the touch of a button. AMBI™ is small and discreet—about the size of a smartphone—and provides safe, non-invasive relief that can be used anywhere, anytime: in the car, in bed, at work, on a plane or soccer field—anywhere symptoms strike. AMBI™ requires just four AA alkaline batteries for portable use and also comes with a plug-in wall adapter and protective Neoprene sleeve case. Visit

This product is so cool…literally.  I could have used it big time when I injured my knee a while back and was regularly applying ice packs that got messy and would lose their cool.  AMBI goes to work quickly and maintains its cool until you shut it off.  You just touch the contoured metal plate where you need the cool, and AMBI delivers.  If you have hot flashes, this is a fabulous, convenient product to tuck away in your handbag or tote and/or even keep in your car, bedroom nightstand or office drawer.


 MSBbox1Most kids are drawn to animals of all kinds, including birds. Now, with the new My Spy Birdhouse, they can get a first hand view of birds’ daily lives, right before their eyes. The personal birdhouse easily attaches to any window – whether kitchen, family room or living room – so families can watch birds nesting and feeding from the comfort of their home. 

My Spy Birdhouse has a crystal clear acrylic window on the back allowing bird watchers to see inside. Applied to any glass surface or window with durable suction cups, the birdhouse offers a private and cozy setting for birds. It has a two-way mirror film that lets you see in, while preventing the birds from seeing out. It also comes with an indoor “Do Not Disturb” curtain card to give the birds privacy and block light at night.

My Spy Birdhouse is the perfect size for typical backyard bird species including wrens, nuthatches and chickadees, offering a safe and comfortable home for birds to live, raise their young, feed, and more.  Made of durable, engineered resin, the product is designed to endure extreme weather conditions, as it is embedded with colorant that never needs painting and will offer years of enjoyment.  

This product is so cute and inventive.  We have a pet cockatiel who we adore, and we have a bird feeder in our backyard…so we are totally a bird family…and this offers another innovative way we can enjoy feathered creatures.

My Spy Birdhouse is available online at


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