Inside Fun for Everyone! – Review by Cara Potapshyn Meyers

Since the days are still not optimal for regular outdoor play, or even if you live in fair weather areas, we have some terrific games for you to check out! There are even a couple for the grown-ups to enjoy! Have fun! 

 Cupcake Race

Cupcake Race is the board game that satisfies your sweet tooth! Imagine that there is a party tonight and you are bringing the cupcakes. Little kids will love to “mix,” “bake,” “frost” and “top” their “cupcakes” and win the cherry on top!! Best of all, it’s all within the game! There is no prep, no actual baking, no mess! Just plastic pieces you “earn” throughout the game to “make” your own cupcake! First one to complete their cupcake wins!

I watched my niece and her friends play this game one bitterly cold afternoon. The squeals of delight and girlish energy to make the “prettiest” cupcake had me reminiscing  about my E-Z Bake days! I got so caught up in their infectious play, I just had to take a turn! I wasn’t disappointed in the least! Since I usually play games with my son, playing a game with some little girls brought me back to my own childhood days! My niece is so excited with this game, she wanted to bring it in for “show-’n-tell” at school. Since her Mom didn’t want any pieces to get lost, my niece brought in one of the completed cupcakes and described how the game was played. What a way to make new friends and gather playdates!

Ages 4 and up- $19.99



    Tantrix Match

What do you do if the whole family is stuck inside with bad weather? We have the answer! Attempt to cover the pre-marked puzzle cards with your Tantrix Tiles until the puzzle is completed. It’s a challenge every step of the way. Twelve puzzle cards with 3 levels of difficulty, and three different objectives fit into the wooden puzzle frame.

My son and I love puzzles. Tantrix Match brings puzzles to a whole new level! Not only is it colorful, it packs tons of interest and strategy having to place the tiles in such a way that all of a certain color connects. My son and I did it both together and individually. The game is so novel that we enjoyed playing it solo. We also enjoyed our playful banter as we played together, debating which piece would be a better “fit” as the next tile to choose! Let me tell you, this kid was way faster than me and because he is so creative, saw connections that completely boggled me! We loved this game! But when my son is not looking, I may have to “steal” it for myself!

Ages 8+ 1-4 players $14.99


 Tabletop Trivia

Have a night in with friends and family and play a game that will keep everyone entertained for hours! Check out Tabletop Trivia games with themes like Movie & TV Trivia, Big Words Trivia, Sports Trivia and World’s Greatest Trivia Quiz. 2009’s best-seller! Tabletops provide the perfect entertainment for any dinner party or get-together. 

I had a Mom come over to drop her son off for a playdate, but she ended up staying to “catch up” with the goings on in our lives. As we were drinking tea and there was a lull in our conversation, I asked if she wanted to play one of the Tabletop Trivia games – “Big Words Trivia.” She was all for it, so I took out the game and we started to play. Each card has a complex word at the top with four multiple choice answers to chose from. Players take turns trying to get the definition of the most correct words. No dictionaries allowed! This Mom friend and I were laughing so hard, our sons came downstairs to see what we were hooting about! Once they saw what we were up to, they wanted to play too! We were all falling off our chairs in hysterics at some of these words! Whether for informal play, family game night, or a game suitable for adults to play together, this one is a winner!

Ages 8+ $5 



 Anger Management

 Anger Management is the hilarious new party game where being a hot head makes you cool! In this game, your pet peeves, mood swings and least favorite things can score you points. Be the first to get “absolutely steamed” and you win! Finally, all that time yelling at the TV or the distracted driver next to you will pay off! Anger Management is all about encouraging us to lighten up and laugh at the things that drive us crazy!

This is a great adult party game! I brought it to an adult get together at a friend’s home recently and the adults, who evidently had a stressful week, couldn’t wait to get their hands on it! It is geared slightly more to the adult crowd because teens would have a harder time comprehending the frustration of cleaning sand out of their car or getting annoyed at rude drivers. Besides that, Anger Management is hilarious! It not only helps adults let off steam, it allows you to see a side of your friends you may rarely see! Whomever achieves getting the most “steamed,” wins! And guess what? Everyone ends up a winner because they all get to let out some of their pent up emotions! This game is absolutely terrific!

Ages 14 and up- $29.99


Whether you try one or try them all, everyone in the family will have a blast the next time a rainy day calls for some indoor fun!!


Note: Thanks to the above companies for providing sample products.  Cara Potapshyn Meyers and assume no liability relative to products reviewed in this blog.

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