Just Waiting On Baby – by Lisa Kelly

The car seat is in the car now, the baby clothes and blankets are all washed and folded, bottles are sterilized and ready to go, there’s a swing in my living room… just waiting on our baby girl to show up for the party.  Last night I lost my mucus plug and got a little excited.  I had a scheduled doctor appointment this morning and couldn’t wait to tell her.  She had absolutely no reaction at all!  She went about the business of the Step B test and checked my cervix.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to know this checking will happen weekly from now on.   They never did any of this 19 years ago!

After a thorough and very uncomfortable check, she informed me she thinks  I will carry this baby to term or 3.5 more weeks.  She followed this up with some more discomfort as she palpated my abdomen to determine what was head and what was butt.  I have to say this was the most uncomfortable visit thus far.  I was so overwhelmed and out of it that when my husband asked if there was anything we needed to be concerned about in the bedroom, I seriously thought he meant my sleeping position or the potential of me falling out of bed!  Of course that is not what he meant at all.  You could not wipe the grin off his face as she explained that sex was good for “jump starting labor”.   I thought that was something made up by men for men.  (You know they all stick together after all.)   Nope.  Turns out it’s true.   I think I’ll go ahead and wait 3.5 weeks for her to arrive in her own sweet time!