LATE BLOOMIN’ MOM Karin Belluomini Shares Her Pursuit of Motherhood Fairytale

latebloommomOnce upon a time, in a young girl’s heart, lived a dream of being a Princess and meeting her Prince Charming. For as long as she could remember, she dreamed of having her very own little princes and princesses running all around, playing and laughing joyfully. That dream lived on for many years until one day she found her Prince Charming…or so she thought. After many years of hoping and waiting and dreaming about those adorable little munchkins, life began to crumble and the dream slowly drifted away on a cloud. The Prince turned into an ugly frog and hopped away, leaving the young girl alone and quite lonely for many years. Then one day, when the not-so-young- girl-anymore thought all was lost and hopeless, another Prince showed up who turned out to be the real deal. He rekindled and shared the dream of having those little tikes laughing and playing all around! They were wed, and after years of trying and waiting with nothing happening, the dream started to vanish again. The not-so-young-girl began to feel a tremendous sadness. Tears welled up in her eyes as she doubted if the dream would ever come true. She prayed often, searching for the faith to believe in what seemed like the impossible. Then one day, she discovered she was pregnant and was ecstatic! Unfortunately, it only resulted in a devastating miscarriage. She grieved the loss and went to get some help. She tried IUI for awhile, but it only caused annoying cysts and more heartache. When the big 40 arrived, she decided it was time for the big guns….In Vitro Fertilization. This time, a pregnancy resulted that lasted all the way until the dream came true! A beautiful blue eyed baby boy named Christian was born exactly 2 weeks after her 41st birthday! She was in awe and total amazement over this nearly 10 lb miracle in her arms. The dream was finally real and alive, righ​​t in front of her. She praised the Lord! With room in her heart for more, she thought about adding another blessing to the family, so she tried IVF again. Twice. Both resulted in pregnancies that didn’t last. More grief and sadness to bear. Then a “surprise” pregnancy occurred naturally, but that too didn’t last long. She lived in the highs and the lows, getting excited about being pregnant and then depressed about not being pregnant. Fortunately, she was graced with wonderful family and friends to carry her through. And now, with one last shot (or many shots actually), the not-so-young-girl has decided to go through IVF again….at almost 43 years of age. With perseverance, prayer, and patience (and some impatience at times), she has journeyed deep and wide through infertility. She has learned a lot, grown up a lot, and hopes to cross the finish line with another incredible miracle in her arms. But no matter the outcome, it has been worth it all!


Karin Belluomini is a medical social worker who currently lives in Gilroy, CA with her husband, son, black lab, and parakeet. She loves playing with her 22 month old son, enjoying nature, baking, reading, and socializing. She also loves to encourage others going through tough times. If you’d like to contact her, she can be reached at