Testimonial – Lani Neumann, Member of NY Chapter

A quick reflection on my childhood and one can see no obvious signs to suggest my path to motherhood would be anything but typical. My favorite childhood photos are of me walking in our driveway, on my tippy toes, pushing a baby stroller like a natural.

I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be 43 the first time I pushed a stroller as an actual mom. I now see there were clues that my road to motherhood may be longer than most, starting with my mother. She was 42 when I was born and 43 when my brother was born…we are both adopted. I knew she was “older” than other moms, but it was normal for me. She had traveled, gotten her masters in social work and met my father at the age of 35 and got married.

As a kid, I never felt my parents were “less than” because of their age. I’d always heard how “ready” they were for my brother and me when we finally came along. Their wonderful stories of travel, career success and shared marital adventures became values for me – the importance of living a full and meaningful life and along the way finding and loving your self.

Since our daughter was born in September of this year, my husband and I adopted her from Tennessee; I realize my path to parenthood could not have been one day shorter. In fact, like my parents, it was exactly as long as it needed to be. I, too have traveled, followed my passion for film and story telling into a wonderful and creative career and (also at 35 years old) found my soul mate.

I feel really lucky to be the daughter of a pioneering “older” mom because I know first hand that the limits are few and the wisdom and rewards are endless.

Finding a group of women like myself is the icing on the cake of motherhood at this age. The first Motherhood Later Moms Night Out Dinner with a Speaker in New York that I attended left me literally feeling re-energized! Meeting a group of smart moms, sharing ideas, hearing new approaches to parenting and leaving with a network of resources was hands down worth juggling my hectic schedule for any day.

Lani Neumann is a freelance television and film producer/director. She has produced for the Travel Channel, OWN and True.tv. Her films have been seen at the Tribeca Film Festival and New York Film festivals. She is currently immersed in her latest project – producing bottles and directing diaper changes.

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  2. Hi Loni,
    I agree that things happen when they are supposed to happen. As you know, I also waited (having my daughter about the same time my mom had me/age 31 and Nichi at 40 plus). They are both great and I felt “ready” also. Glad your life is just as you used to dream. I always knew it would be, just needed time to “become.” Sending lots of love your way. lgn

    By lorraine garcia-nakata on Mar 5, 2012

  3. Sorry about typo on the name. besos!

    By lorraine garcia-nakata on Mar 5, 2012

  4. beautiful! As are you and Helen!

    By Shauna Caputo on Mar 5, 2012