Lazy Sunday Morning Conversations: Daddy and Daughters – By Janine Huldie

“Daddy, when we get a dog, I want to name her Lucy,” Emma told Kevin quite innocently.

“No!! We are going to get a big dog, who is a male. No more women in this house. I am outnumbered as it is,” Kevin answered her back half laughing and completely trying to get rise out of her.

“No, Lucy!! And a little, tiny dog!” Emma answered louder now.

“No, we are going to name ‘HIM’ – yes a boy dog – Jim Henson,” Kevin said emphatically. (He has always been a huge fan, so for him this is a joke, but a little bit serious, too).

“No, daddy, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!!” She is now not only louder, but also repeating the name hoping the more times she says it, the more probable that she will in fact get a dog and name it Lucy.

Kevin, now trying to reason with her, says, “What about Bruno? That is the dog in Cinderella.”

“No, I don’t like the name Bruno and only like Lucy,” Emma tells Kevin without giving up her hand on this.

“I am so getting a man-cave, a big dog named Bruno and calling it a day, because I am already outnumbered with all the women and ‘x’ chromosomes in this house!” Kevin says, as he laughs a bit more.

A few minutes went by, where they we lying there and just being father/daughter silliness. When Lily finally woke up from all the commotion and laughter and said, “Girls, I brought my friends,” pointing at her Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals.

Kevin responded, “Hey, I am not girl! What about saying good morning to me?”

“You are girl, we are all girls!” Lily said without even thinking about it.

“I fight with one over the size, name and gender of our non-existent dog and the other just thinks we all are girls. So much for winning!” Kevin turned to me laughing and having trouble not finding the humor in this whole conversation.

The above took place in our queen sized bed on Sunday morning, which happened to be lazy, as we were still in bed at a bit after 9 a.m. Unprecedented in our house, where usually at least one, if not both, girls are up and raring to go. So this was our version of a lazy Sunday morning conversation.

Kevin and I were up first, but Emma quickly joined in and jumped right in the middle of us in our warm Sunday morning bed, followed by Lily after a while.

Kevin is so good with being a male surrounded by all “girls.” It can’t be easy, but he does tease them a lot and goes right back at them when they come out with whatever they are thinking.

I sit back often and take in the show even after all this time, amazed at how much of a loving and doting father he is and how much they enjoy his company. To the outside person, they might have read the above and thought, “What father wouldn’t just get his daughter a dog for her to name?” but he seriously just loves teasing them, getting under their skin and seeing their reactions.

By the end of this conversation, not only was he cracking up, but so were both of the girls. And even I couldn’t help but giggle listening to them together because the three of them are not only my world, but their silly conversations are music to my ears.


Janine Huldie was a certified professional teacher, who is now a stay at home mom, as well as full-time blogger. She recently opened J9 Designs, a website design business to assist bloggers with website design and maintenance. Janine and her husband, Kevin, and two daughters live in New York. To visit her blog go to: Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic.