Lightbulb Oddities – by Cara Potapshyn Meyers

Ok. I am not exaggerating or embellishing what has been happening within my home in any way. All of this is completely true. Since March 1st, I have had eight “oddball” lightbulbs blow out, three light fixtures stop working, two “brown outs” (when lights go out in your home for a few minutes), a light switch stop working and my printer turn itself off after I turned it on, post “brown out” and printed from it. There has been something going on here connected to lightbulbs and electricity that I just can’t explain.

I have been mentioning all of this to a close friend. Last night I mentioned that two more light bulbs blew out, one brand new…one old, and a light switch stopped working. She said to me that she heard that when their are electrical “oddities” occurring frequently, in a short period of time, she felt it was a “spirit” of someone close to you trying to connect with you to give you some type of support. If some of you can remember, I took over the budgeting and bill paying for the house on March 1st, and…oops…already had a check bounce. That’s besides the point.

The first person of “spirit” form who came to mind was my Father. He was so frugal, he used the lowest wattage lightbulb in every light fixture he could get his hands on to save five cents on the electric bill. But he was never the supportive type at all. It had to be my Mother. I was skeptical, but was driven to research this possible connection between lightbulbs and “spirits.” I not only found out a lot about this connection, I found the same information on more than thirty different websites. Here is what I learned.

For those of you who believe in “spirits” or as commonly referred to, “ghosts,” they are people whom we had a close relationship with who died an untimely death, i.e., a car accident, a terminal illness, a murder…any situation where a person died younger than they should have. My Mother fits into that category. She died at age 56 of ovarian cancer. “Spirits,” from what I found, also have not “passed over to the other side” because of their untimely deaths. They are therefore “easier” to “channel” through a psychic or medium. There have been times in my life when I needed my Mother so desperately that I would cry and call out to her. Shortly after, I would feel either a coldness, tingling down my spine, or I would shudder. I just knew she was “present.” I also felt an overwhelming calmness once the coldness passed.

I never told anyone about this “phenomenon.” Not even my husband nor best friend. Some people who do not necessarily have an open mind about these topics tend to think you are a bit “off” when you relay your experience. Because this close friend brought the subject up last night, and I tend to have an open mind about most subjects, we had a short discussion and then I started my internet search.

Getting back to my findings, my coldness, tingling down my spine and shuddering are all signs that a spirit may be present. Other “classic” signs are lightbulbs frequently blowing out, (!), flickering of lights (my two “brown outs), light fixtures blowing out (three so far), electrical appliances either turning on or off without explanation (my printer), and if these things are not enough to catch your attention, objects “placed” where they normally are not kept, knocking, hearing strange sounds (the door bell rang the other day and I went to see who was there but didn’t see anyone and no packages were left), and seeing “apparitions.” I have enough vision problems so I wouldn’t notice an “apparition” if it was standing in front of me face-to-face. Spirits are “drawn” to electricity because of it’s energy. They “fuel” themselves with energy either by drawing in warm air, thus making you feel cold, or by tinkering with lightbulbs or electricity in your home, as in flickering of lights. As previously stated, this is also a “notice me” tactic as well.

So here I am in the wee hours of the morning with pretty much a “diagnosis” of what may be going on. Since all of the sources indicated, as my friend suggested, that spirits want to support or comfort you, I researched further. How do I acknowledge the spirit’s presence so they will cease their urgency to get my attention and thus put an end to my mounting bill of replacing lightbulbs, fixtures, and having an electrician coming to see why one of my light switches is not working.

There are several sites that have you practicing thinking of a living person and, for example, ask them to call you. The quicker they call you, the more “ready” you are to “connect” with your spirit. I needed a quicker solution. A different Medium’s website suggested that as you fall asleep, or meditate, repeat the spirits first and middle name followed by their date of birth and then state something very intricately connected with them. I fell asleep last night repeating my Mother’s name, birth date, and a favorite song of hers. Supposedly, when I hear the song at some point, in some place, I will know I have made my connection. And if that doesn’t work, a different site stated that I can just call out, “I know you are here! Now can you please stop futzing with all of the light fixtures!”

Thank goodness spirits choose to “play” with things like lightbulbs and small objects. Can you imagine if they chose to “play” with major appliances??!


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  1. 2 Responses to “Lightbulb Oddities – by Cara Potapshyn Meyers”

  2. I have totally had a variety of experiences with spirits. Combination of lights flickering in a big way…once a light bulb (shortly after my mom passed) actually shot out of the socket toward me. I’ve never see that happen before…it separated from it’s metal base. Scary at the time! I also once was driving behind a car with a license plate that was the nickname I always used for my mom. Early on after my mom’s passing I would find myself at times crying when I least expected…once when I was driving…and I spoke with a psychic who said that when that happens, it’s because the spirit is right near us and we’re feeling their energy and the emotion that comes with their visit. It gave me comfort to understand that. So…at the end of the day….it comes down to your belief system and what brings you a good feeling.

    By Robin Gorman Newman on Mar 19, 2014

  3. Thanks, Robin! Nice to know I’m in good company! ;)

    By Cara Potapshyn Meyers on Mar 19, 2014