Little Pim Kickstarter Promotion – by Cara Potapshyn Meyers would like to pass along a message and Kickstarter promotion from the publishers of Little Pim books…



Little Pim the panda will visit his friends in Mexico, China, Brazil, and France in this colorful holiday ebook! A great holiday gift.

Over the past 5 years, Little Pim has loved helping young children learn their first words in a second language. Now we’re getting ready to send our beloved panda teacher, Little Pim, on a special holiday adventure! We want to make a holiday ebook that gets kids excited about discovering new cultures by introducing them to holiday traditions all over the world.

As an independent company, we often don’t have budget to make everything we would want to. We’ve been wanting to make this holiday ebook for a long time; we think it’s important for us to expand our language program to include some cultural enrichment, but we simply don’t have the budget.

In the ebook, Little Pim will visit his friends in Mexico, China, France, and Brazil. In each country, he will learn about local holiday traditions and sample holiday treats. Kids will learn new words in Spanish, French, Chinese, and Portuguese along the way. Our talented illustrator will create colorful, eye-catching snapshots of each country and incorporate real photos of famous landmarks. Check out Little Pim visiting Chichen Itza in Mexico! (And be sure to check our updates for more illustration previews…)


Kids relate to Little Pim because he’s filled with curiosity and wonder – just like they are. Just as learning a second language at a young age fosters curiosity and empathy, so does early exposure to other cultures. If you’re as excited as we are about raising the next generation of global citizens, now’s your chance to show it!

Where will your dollars go?

Your pledges will enable us to:

  • commission high-quality, detailed illustrations
  • hire professional ebook developers
  • work with a top-tier story editor from Disney and Scholastic
  • work with language advisors on foreign language vocabulary
  • complete the ebook in time for holiday gift-giving!


What’s in the rewards?

Any of the rewards would make great holiday gifts for the kids in your lives!

First of all, we plan to thank each and every contributor to our Kickstarter on the final page of the ebook. Most of you will probably also receive a copy of the ebook in time for the holidays. Many will also receive Little Pim pages to decorate.

For more information on the Little Pim Kickstarter promotion, visit this link:

Little Pim Kickstarter

 and the Little Pim publishers thank you for your consideration and interest!

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