Lovin’ the Chocolate and More at Hershey by Robin Gorman Newman

My son (age 12) found it so amusing that HERSHEY is actually a real life town.  This is just one of the fun facts he picked up during our recent summer trip and two night stay at Hershey Lodge.

hersheychocolateworldNot only did he enjoy HERSHEY PARK, but HERSHEY CHOCOLATE WORLD has much to offer beyond the decadent, hard to resist goodies they sell…but also in terms of fun, unique, interactive experiences.

We loved the HERSHEY’S GREAT AMERICAN CHOCOLATE TOUR — an indoor ride that begins in a tropical rainforest where cocoa beans grow and are harvested, and we follow their journey to sweet transformation…culminating in a candy sample.

There is a REALLY BIG 3D SHOW — you wear 3D glasses, and whimsical HERSHEY’S Product Characters come to life on the big screen in all their glory.  Young kids especially will like this.

hersheycreateyourownbarWe had total fun with the Create Your Own Candy Bar attraction and the Chocolate Tasting Adventure.  In making your own candy bar, we donned aprons and caps (I refused to let my son or husband photograph me in mine.), and we got to pick goodies to add to the bar and watch the bar-making process.  We even designed the packaging for our bar, and it was given to us in a collectible tin.

hersheychocolatetastingexperienceThe Chocolate Tasting Adventure offers the opportunity to learn facts about cacao-growing and partake in a lively discussion about the making of different types of chocolate.  It includes sampling various chocolates, and at the end, you receive a certificate celebrating your completion of the Adventure.

There is also a HERSHEY’S  Dessert Creation Studio, which we did not do at this time.

hersheyreesesWe had the opportunity to stay two nights at HERSHEY Lodge, and they provide on-going shuttles to/from HERSHEYPARK and HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD.  The Lodge is really large with several restaurants to choose from and an indoor and outdoor pool.  We were lucky to have a room (which was comfortable) near the lobby, so we didn’t have to walk all that far to get to the shuttle….though it was a trek to the pool area.  So, when you make a reservation, you might endeavor to request what you prefer to be near.  Oh…and….you get chocolate at turndown….and the room toiletries are scented with cocoa.

hersheywaterparkHERSHEY has a zoo and butterfly garden that I hear are beautiful, though we didn’t take the time during this trip.  We spent a very full day at HERSHEYPARK, and my son had a blast.  We saw two live performances — one that featured dancing and show tunes — and another with sea lions. He went on a multitude of rides and played in the waterpark area.  Fortunately, for parents, there are ample benches around, so you can rest as you go along. if you indulge in sweets, you will likely get enough exercise to burn it off.  It is a lot of walking, but very festive, particularly if you get to rub elbows with a walking HERSHEY’S Kiss or Jolly Rancher.  There are also Product Characters that hang out at the Lodge for photo opportunities.

hersheyhealthtipHERSHEY is a special destination, and you will make sweet memories with your kids.


Note: We received a media rate at Hershey Lodge, and complimentary park passes, and Chocolate World tickets for the Chocolate Tasting Adventure and Create Your Own Chocolate Bar.


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  2. I can’t wait to go here and learn all about chocolate. The good news is that it looks like all the walking will take care of the extra calories from chocolate:)

    By Esti on Aug 14, 2015