Making Waves and Memories at Camelback Resort – Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark by Robin Gorman Newman

camelbacksethMy son is 12, and he’s a big water kid….always has been.  He loves to swim, and we go regularly to our community pool in summer.  He’s a future lifeguard in-the-making.

Ever since he was little, he’s enjoyed waterparks as well, so when we learned of the new Camelback Resort featuring Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, we dove, literally, at the opportunity to experience it.

We spent a fun-filled overnight at the Camelback Lodge in Tannserville, PA, and it was a memorable stay.  It’s about a two hour drive from our home on Long Island, NY, so very convenient, and once you’re there, you don’t need to leave.  It’s like “one stop waterpark shopping….and more.”

The Lodge itself is large, but homey, featuring warm, inviting decor, with comfy chairs, where you can perch and watch the action in the indoor waterpark.  We liked our room….though the beds are on the firmer side….and the sink is outside the bathroom.  On one hand, that was convenient so someone could wash up while another showers in privacy, but on the flip side, since I awoke before my husband and son, I wasn’t able to jumpstart using the sink or mirror, for fear of waking them.  The room had a microwave and ample refrigerator (vs. a cramped mini bar) which was great, and we took full advantage!

camelbacklodgeinteriorThe Lodge is expanding, so there was some construction underway, but it didn’t compromise our stay at all. Serenity Spa wasn’t yet open, nor was Trails End Pub ‘n Grill, but they are now open and are nice additions to the Lodge. There is also a spa for kids.

We had the buffet breakfast at Hemispheres which had plenty of selection.  There is also a dinner buffet served there, but other than salad, there didn’t seem to be the healthiest of food choices.  I’m glad to see the Grill offers options like salmon and roast chicken. There is also Neptunes which offers some small plates, and snackbars in Aquatopia.

camelbackarcadeIn addition to Aquatpoia, there are other indoor activities including a large arcade with games, mini golf,  laser tag, paint your own pottery and a climbing wall.  Your kids will never be bored here.

Aquatopia is open 10am – 10pm, and my husband and I loved sitting at the wave pool after dinner, watching my son, as the lights changed color and music played.  It was a cool, almost disco-like water experience, and very relaxing.  A great, low key opportunity to chill, with ample seating.  There are also private cabanas available for an extra fee. camelbacksethsurfing The Flow Rider surfing was of particular appeal to my son, and we enjoyed watching him rise to the challenge.

At present, for overnight stays, they provide a $200 passbook in savings — coupons that may be used at the Lodge.  The Lodge is able to host weddings, family reunions, meetings, birthday parties, and offers vacation rentals.

camelbeachFor those looking to venture outside, the Lodge provides a shuttle, and it’s just a quick ride to Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark or Camelback Mountain.  Camelbeach is a popular outdoor waterpark with many restaurants and shops.  You can purchase day or season passes passes if you don’t stay at the Lodge.  Camelbeach is open 10am – 7pm.

If adventure is your thing, Camelback Mountain is your destination.  It features Dual Zip Lines, Mountain Coaster, Mountain Segways, and TreeTops Adventure Courses.

camelbackmeI’ve been to other indoor waterparks, and Aquatopia made a splashy impression, ranking #1 in my book to date.


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Note: Thanks to Camelback for providing a one night stay.

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