Meet Later Mom Camille Miller

AGE:  54
RESIDENCE:  Flemington, NJ
AGES OF YOUR CHILDREN:  19, 19, 21  (twins soon to be 20)

I engineer your purpose into a business so you can serve the world with your gifts.  I do this by providing personal guidance through a global community and safe place called The Natural Life Business Partnership, a global professional organization for mission-driven, soul-centered entrepreneurs who live in a higher vibration, have an alternative approach to business, and want to repair the world.

What was your road to parenthood like? I had trouble having children in the first 5 years of marriage but after finally getting pregnant with my first and carrying her 42 weeks, the twins came as a surprise when I got pregnant 6 months later. I worried about how I would continue to work AND raise my kids because my mom didn’t work. I had no role model.  I did attempt to stay home but that was awful. I hated it and after a year went back full-time but I was already pregnant with the twins. Once the twins were born, I think I went back after 6 weeks.  I found work to be my “me” time. I always loved working. It gives me purpose. I was a better mother because I found time to be me.

Do you think it is challenging to balance parenting, a personal life and professional pursuits?  Of course, but in all honesty, it was a lot harder married than it is as a single mom.  When I was married I did it all. I thought as a wife I was expected to. Once I divorced I made my own rules. I also created boundaries for the kids. I worked from home and needed to teach them that when I was in my office I was working, not available for them. If they were home from school for the day the same applied (unless I decided to take off too).  It actually worked well and I believe taught the kids the value of my work.

What do they think of your career?  My kids have watched me work my entire life. At times it interfered with their lives, but in all honestly, once I was divorced and had them full-time myself I feel they understood more that me working gave them their lifestyle.  Fortunately, I look at my three girls and I am so proud of the young adults they have become. They all have independent souls and are creating careers following their hearts and passion in the arts.  They have each created small businesses in their teens too. Selling artwork, shaved ice, and creating films.

What do you see as the positives and challenges of having a child at age 35 or over?  I got to really enjoy my earlier life and acquire a sense of self.  I also had the money and success to share with my kids. I wasn’t struggling all the time.

What did you most want to teach your children when they were young?  To be a kind to others. Believe in yourself. Be an independent thinker. Since they are all creators, I wanted them to believe they could follow that dream and be a success. School teaches them to get a paycheck and work for others. I didn’t. My kids and I have an agreement. When any of them get to the red carpet (or whatever their award show is for their art) I’m their plus one. This is non-negotiable.  When one daughter got an internship at a playhouse in high school one summer she got a pair of tickets to see Mamma Mia on stage, and she came home so proud to ask me to be her plus one! I think I did a good job.

Any thoughts/wisdom/advice to share for those endeavoring to ease into the transition of parenting an 18 year old or above? Let them be themselves. I don’t always agree with my kids choices, but I honor them as adults. Sometimes its hard for them (and for me), but I have found when I let go they figure things out and learn more. It also makes my life easier to just believe in them. They know I’m always a phone call away!  I will always walk by their side.

Do you have any particular memories from your own childhood that inspired you to make memories with your kids? I had an amazing childhood. My family and siblings were/still are very close. We do everything together, and I have taught my kids the same. Family is so important.  I didn’t have the money my father, had but I tried to give them the best memories. I think I did an awesome job!

How do you practice good self care and role model for your family? I try to stay very balanced in my own life and put family and my kids first. I also get involved with programs that touch my heart; serve as a board member, active in my community. As well as participate in activities/clubs for hiking, biking, pickleball, rock climbing and just spending time with friends.

What words of wisdom would you like to share for someone contemplating parenthood over age 35?  When you have space in your heart to share with a child it doesn’t matter how old you are. Look at all the grandparents raising children today.

On the subject of pursuing your passions at any age….what is the best advice you can offer a later mom? Pursue your passion at any age!!!  Everyone has a purpose that is beyond profit. Follow your heart, and you can have the ultimate life you are called to follow.