Mellow on Mother’s Day

I’m under the weather today and am at home chilling. My husband took Seth to his brother’s house for a mother’s day brunch, and he’s now at the park with Seth.

I feel like a lazy thing being at home…not even wanting to get dressed.

But, aren’t I entitled? Why is it so hard for me to relax?

Yesterday I gave a talk (had to) at the Long Beach Public Library re: my book HOW TO MARRY A MENSCH. Despite being sick, I was committed, and didn’t want to let them down. So, I popped my cold pills and antibiotic and promised not to breath on anyone in the audience. And, I swore I didn’t have the swine flu, when someone asked.

Today, I’m just hangin’ around the house. I’m trying hard to give myself permission to do nothing and to practice self care…but you can see that I’m not so great at doing that…since I’m sitting at my computer blogging about it. But, I actually thought it might help to get it out.

Do you ever feel that way as mom?! I guess we often do. Like supermom or woman. That we need to always be on the go…doing something for our family.

But, what’s more important than feeling good ourselves?! You’ve probably heard that expression about if you’re on a plane and it’s going down, put your seat belt on first or grab your flotation cushion first. You won’t be any good at helping someone else if you don’t save yourself.

So, can I just get in the groove of being mellow today? Ha! I feel like I’m working hard at relaxing.

It’s after 2pm, and I don’t know how long they’ll be at the park. I should enjoy the quiet in the house. It’s weird because back in my single days, I relished my alone time. And, now while I often yearn for it, I don’t always know what to do with it if/once I get it.

Boy….it sure can be complicated being a mom!

Hope you’re having a good one!