Meng Fong

Meng became a mom at 37 and a single mom at 40. A year later, she decided to leave her high-flying corporate career to become a work at home mom.

Over the last half decade, fueled by a near obsessive nature to learn new things and not keep still; she has led many lives – realtor, forex trader, web developer.  She readily admits that she may not have been wildly successful at all ventures but she has learnt a lot more about herself and met lots of interesting people.

She started a blog about juggling forex trading and being a full time mom, and was featured as The Trader Mom on The Traders Podcast. With a strong interest in early childhood learning, she was recognized for her contribution at the Learning Support Reading Program at her son’s primary school.

She believes volunteering is great for the soul. She supports Food From The Heart – a group that is keen on avoiding food wastage through supplying food to the needy. She also volunteers as an  IT consultant at the Association of Women for Action and Research ( – Singapore’s leading women’s rights group advocating against workplace discrimination and violence against women.

At 49, she is still surprised by the many twists and turns that life throws at her path. Ever the optimist, she’s excited to face all the new opportunities that are coming her way.

Being always the oldest mommy, she noticed that her child-rearing decisions and views were usually quite different from the other moms. She chanced upon (MLTS) on a late night internet browsing session and jumped at the opportunity to become MLTS chapter head in Singapore. She hopes to find other mid-life moms to share experiences, support, to talk about kids and just have fun…and she’s excited to be sharing her parenting experiences via blogging for MLTS.