Mommy Resolutions for 2013 by Dina Ramon

For 2013 there will be no New Year’s resolutions that focus on me alone. No, not this year. I’m tired of the same old, beat up, self-defeating aspirations like…I will lose 10 pounds. Not happening, I’m 50 now and unless I suture my mouth shut or hire a trainer I can’t afford, my carefully maintained extra padding is here to stay. Or…save more money. No, not practical. I’m working for myself and until all this hustling I do to get clients and keep clients brings in more ka-ching, savings is going to be light. This year, and perhaps for all years moving forward, all of my ‘resolutions’ are instead focused on being a better mommy – the best mommy – I can possibly be for someone who is lightyears more important than money or a few extra pounds. So I have compiled a list of my top 5 goals for being a better mommy for my daughter. Mommy Resolution #1 – No cursing that is loud enough for my daughter to overhear. Ok, maybe a ‘damn’ once in a while, but not that really bad word. You know what word I’m talking about. Unfortunately, I’ve let myself slip once too often in recent months and I must get that under control. Mommy Resolution #2 – Play school with my daughter whenever she wants me to, and don’t nod off while she is teaching her 3 students: her American Girl ‘daughter’ Emily, her precious stuffed animal ‘Wolfie’, and her mini pillow pet cow. I will also continue to serve faithfully as her teacher’s assistant and follow all instructions. Mommy Resolution #3 – Be more alert to those unpredictable life-lesson moments; those great opportunities that often come out of nowhere but are perfect to pass on those nuggets of wisdom that will hopefully help her prepare for and navigate situations and relationships. I find that I must be on my game at all times to best advise her on appropriate ways to resolve conflict with her friends, handle bad behavior in others, and take criticism. Mommy Resolution #4 – Be as positive as humanly possible around her, even when under stress. It is easy at times to be bitter and discouraged about situations we can and cannot control; not to mention the nasty, unethical, downright mean people we encounter way too often. But anxiety and negativity are not good things to impart on an 8-year-old. Mommy Resolution #5 – Enjoy every precious second with my daughter, the light of my life. Take no time with her for granted… ever.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Mommy Resolutions for 2013 by Dina Ramon”

  2. Great Mommy Resolutions, Dina! Most important, though, is to just relax through them. Let them come naturally. Your daughter will sense when you are gritting your teeth through playing school or trying to be “nice” to an ogre who was rude and nasty to you. Find things you BOTH enjoy! And tell your daughter it is a shame that some people have to be rude to others because it makes others, such as yourself, feel bad. Then the “true” essence of your resolutions will shine!!

    By Cara Meyers on Jan 13, 2013

  3. Thanks Cara – I appreciate your thoughtful input!

    By dina on Mar 6, 2013